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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Website Speed in Cyprus

We have all been there. We invest in the fastest internet and yet, some of the websites we visit turn out to be incredibly slower. In fact, surveys show that having a slow internet speed is one of the most hated things in the world. As you might be aware, Google hates recommending websites that load slowly to its users. This is because the company prefers providing its users with the best content. As a result, the speed your websites loads in will determine how highly-ranked your website is. To measure your website speed, we recommend that you use Google Page Speed Insights, which is a free tool. This article will explain simple ways you can do to improve your website speed in Cyprus.

Website Hosting

A website host is a company that provides the tools and technology to store your website content. Whenever you visit a website, all this content is stored in such a web host. As such, the host that you use will determine how fast your website loads. If you use a host with old servers, chances are that they will be slow to load. It is recommended that you use one of the largest website hosts such as GoDaddy and Blue Host because they have the financial resources to continue updating their servers.

Graphic Size and Website Speed in Cyprus

If your website is graphic-heavy, it could be the reason why it is slow. In most cases, a text-only web page will load faster than one with multiple images. Therefore, to remedy this problem, we recommend that you minimize the usage of images on your website. If these images must be there, we recommend that you reduce their image size by compressing them.

Remove Redundant Code

A website is created by lines of codes. Some of these codes are usually unnecessary, which means that the website can perform well if they are removed. To improve your website speed in Cyprus, it is recommended that you remove the redundant code that is not needed.

Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

AMP is a technology that was developed by Google to increase the speed of page loading. This happened after Google realized that most people were using mobile devices to access the internet. Web pages that use this technology usually load faster compared to those that don’t. Other than AMP, there are other similar technologies like the use of a content delivery network (CDN), fully implemented HTTP/2, and the progressive web apps technology.

Use the Popular CMS Platforms

As a website owner, you can decide to code your website yourself. This is a process where you write the entire code of the website by yourself. This is not only a long process but it can also produce slower websites. Instead, you should use the popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. These are companies with thousands of developers who specialize on the website design technology. They are also in a competitive industry, which means that they try to ensure that their websites are the fastest. Using these CMS platforms will save you time and make your website faster.

As you work to make your website faster, having a good website design and SEO partner. At SoftwareCy, we are one of the best companies in the industry. We are the best in Cyprus, having worked for some of the biggest companies.