Website Design Service With Focus on User Experience and Usability
We offer great after-sales support and advise on online marketing strategies after your
website goes live. We are your partner for your online presence.

Website Design Service

Our goal is to help you establish your online presence and be your partner.

Custom Templates

All our websites are 100% unique and we will design a template that will be the best for your business.

Fast Loading Time

We will optimize your website to load as fast as possible. Visitors get impressed when a website loads fast.

e-Shop Websites

We can create an e-Shop website for you in order to be able to sell your products online.

Content Management
System (CMS)

All our websites contain a Content Management System (CMS) which can help you to manage the content on your website with a very nice user-friendly environment.

User Experience (UX)

All our websites are made with priority to user experience. A good user experience design is essential to ensure that visitors can easily use the website.

Responsive Design

We always do a responsive design for all our websites so that they are compatible to work on mobile, tablet and desktop browsers.

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Many businesses operating in Cyprus have an online presence. The cost of developing a website has gone down in the last few years. Besides, having a website advertising your business helps to manage the costs of promotion. Websites are essential for large and small companies. When searching for the best website design Cyprus, hire those who have the experience and can deliver.

Expert web designing

If you want a unique website in Cyprus, a professional web developer will be called to do the layout. The professional web designer, before starting the designs must know the purpose for which a client wants the site and the targeted audience. The designer uses their knowledge to achieve the effects.

When designing, the experts use many design practices. Here,
at SoftwareCy, we must create a consistent look and feel for the client site. They then separate the information into manageable page sized elements. They also give the cues to the reader, noting the web information structure, navigation, context and structure. They also make a website unique by using links to connect a site.

Our company can help to design and redesign the existing sites and ensure you get quality. The site developed gets a feel of what users expect.

Attractive packages

We offer some amazing packages.

For clients who want the basic package, a basic package consists of 3-5 static pages. This package allows the development of responsive websites developed in a single language. It includes several features such as mail setup, Google Maps integration, and analytics. The website will be optimized so that it loads faster.

The customer can choose the Website Pro package. This package consists of 6-10 pages static that include a responsive design, blog and contact us web form. You can have the website translated into three languages with client translation. With this package, your social media can be integrated. This packages also includes security features to reduce hacking.

Do you want a more a website that will enable you to start selling? If so, we can develop one for you the the category of E-Shop Deluxe. It includes 15 pages, 15 product entry, blog, payment setup, features to manage your orders and mobile friendly design. You also get a free hosting and domain for a single year. There are many unique features in this package
which ensures better websites.

Why you need a website for your business?

  • A site becomes a way of free advertising. Though you take the time to build traffic, many see your site and this promotes your business.
  • A website increases visibility. People might know your company existence and products it offers. To find out more about the company, potential clients visit the online searches to get more. The site will generate more information which becomes visible.
  • Web sites can be accessed 24/7. Anyone can log in any time of the day to get details and information. It could be product or support information which will promote your business.
  • Many companies that have invested in websites have increased their sales volume. Web sites are used to sell products. Since there is no restriction on hours of operation, a person can shop online and get any product they love.

Why must a professional web designer be hired?

There is a big difference between professionally designed sites and those which are done by amateurs. It is good to invest in an agency to realize the full benefits. Experts ensure there is consistent and true brand identity. The experts think of what you want to achieve before they start the design process. The designer knows which styles work so that the pages load fast. A quick website pulls more visitors who stay on the page for several minutes. Your professionally designed site increases the number of customers since there is a call to action section at the business website.

If you want to be different from your competitors, have your site created by us. The website will be different and easy to use, contain the right stuff and links. It simply looks different. Your site is designed such that when you want to redesign and improve it in future, you can do so. Quality designs ensure room for development as technology and new products are growing.