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Website Design for Coaches & Consultants

We provide digital experience.

Website Design For Coaches & Consultants

Your website is the first impression you make on a prospect and it has the power to convert them into a customer... OR it has the power to turn them away.

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100% Custom or Template Based Package

Detailed description of our packages

Template Based Package

  • For small businesses
  • Lower budget
  • Fast to develop
  • Easy to rank on Google
  • WordPress for functionalities and easy management
  • This our Website Design Basic and Pro package

100% Custom Made Package

  • For bigger businesses
  • 5-6x more expensive
  • Limitless to functionalities
  • Easy to rank on Google
  • Slower to develop due to design process from scratch with mockups

3 Things Your Website Should Focus

Outline your dream client and how they are

Outline your dream client and how they are

The problem they are facing

The problem they are facing

Exactly how you help them

Exactly how you help them

Your Website Checklist

As soon as someone opens your website without even scrolling they should understand what you do and gain their trust.

A clear call to action through all the website.

You need point out all their problems and reasons that they want to use your service. Once we accomplish this they will feel secure about you and your branding and hopefully lead to booking a call with you or taking up on of your lead magnets.

Time to give them something for free and capture their email. Examples of free resources can be: ebook, audio file, a free course or even just a simple checklist. The more emails you have the better for your business.

Time to show some of your existing clients or reviews about your service. You can even show where have you been featured or any awards you won which give you creditability.

Tell them who you are and why you are their dream coach to take them to the next level. You can even show off your team and make them feel confident that they came to the right place.

Clear call to action of what they should do next in order to contact you or get on the next stage of your funnel.

The Ideal Home Page Anatomy

Learning Management System to Host Your Course

Providing you with our own custom made LMS system which is already used from the Top Coaches and Consultants.

We will upload your courses content and configure it to your needs.

Our LMS will help you get more upsells to your existing students, provide an amazing experience to your students and generate more revenue from referrals.

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