Our Search Engine Optimization is NOT For all businesses.

We would love to help everyone that has requested our expertise. We select the clients we work with very carefully and have a reasonable set of criteria that needs to be met in order for us to proceed. We only work with a limited amount of clients at any given time to ensure maximum attention to detail and your company’s ultimate success.

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the
“free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

Why You Should Choose Our SEO Cyprus Service

Dominating Google Rankings

Our aim is to make your website appear in the top ranking position. Our long term goal for your business is to dominate the whole page. We can achieve that even for highly competitive words in Google.

Competitor Analysis

Learn how your competitors get traffic and much more information about them. This information can help you grow and improve your business.

Monthly Reports

We hold monthly meeting to present you with detailed reports and analysis regarding your website as well as advise on how to improve.

We Are Partners

Our company policy is that each and every one of our customers are first and foremost our Partner. We are always happy to help you anytime, and you will always receive honest and fruitful advice.

Month to Month Contacts

If you are still not convinced of the abundant benefits of search engine optimization, we can offer you month-to-month contracts. This gives you the opportunity to stop using this service if you are not satisfied with the results.

Website Design

If you require website design service then you have come to the right place! We can provide you with the finest web design service at the most competitive prices.

100% All Word Done By Our Amazing Team

All the work is carried out by our experienced team using cutting edge technology and knowledge.

Increase Visibility

Domination in Google rankings means more
visibility for your business. Let us help you
dominate the rankings.

Increase Your Customers

Is the most successful way to increase your
customers. By dominating the rankings then,
you can gain a lot more customers and business.

Increase Revenue

With the correct SEO approach, then you will
definitely experience a surge in customer
enquires and sales which will off course
mean more revenue for you.

Welcome, we are SoftwareCy, and we can help with the search engine optimization of your website. It does not matter if your site is based in Cyprus or any other country worldwide.

If you have a website, and it does not rank on the first page of Google, then you are losing money that goes to your competitors who are already ranking on the 1st page of Google. Many of you might say why should I hire an Expert? You need an Agency because search engines have advanced algorithms that only experts like us can understand and rank your business as high as possible. Search engine optimization is the best advertising method for your business. Forget advertising in radio stations, TV, billboards or even Facebook. It is by far the best way of advertisement for your business. Ranking high in Google is the best advertisement for your business you can ever make.

We can help you get your website optimized and rank high on Google, so you dominate your competitors and niche market.

We use white hat techniques with no outsourcing like many other agencies do. Also our results prove that we know what we are doing. We offer monthly contracts, and this gives you the advantage to quit at any time if you are not satisfied with our services. Why should you be locked into yearly contracts?

At the end of each month, one of our experts presents to you a report and explains the progress made. On the report, we go through the rankings and information regarding how your competitors are doing. The information regarding your competitors can be treasured because you take action to expand your business or be one step ahead of them regarding online strategy and not only. We also share with you any links that we have build, citations and social accounts. On this meeting, we also decide the strategy for the coming month. If we need to compose any articles we choose together the topic and gather the relevant information from you.

If you already own a website that needs redesign then do not worry about it. We also offer website design service at very competitive prices. The design ensures amazing usability and great user experience.

When should you expect to see results? It depends on you niche market and competition. A minimum of 5 months is needed to start having stable results. We have been able to rank clients within three months in some cases but in another case, we also had customers who took us one year to get on the first page.

We would like to do for you a free report and website analysis, and then give you an honest opinion regarding the work that needs to be done on your site in to improve your rankings on Google.

Contact us at +357 70009036 or email us at info@softwarecy.com and get started now! Don’t lose any more time! Each second you are losing it means that you are losing customers!