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Your online success is key to ensuring your business thrives. Being based on Cyprus offers massive business advantages because this thriving Mediterranean island is a self-enclosed marketplace. But your place in the heart of Southern Europe’s business gateway also brings problems. For your website to survive online, it’s essential that you beat off competition from rivals.

As more Cyprus businesses compete for customers online, it’s all too easy for your website to get lost among the countless thousands of local searches — but only if you lack the right kind of expert help.

SoftwareCy is a professional web design and SEO agency with the expertise to boost your online presence.

Our effective Search Engine Optimization strategies are designed to help your customers find your business online, especially those based in Cyprus. Once they find you, they can buy from you — and the more customers that can find you, the better the prospects for your revenue and long term business health.

The simple truth is that if your website fails to rank on page 1 of Google for the products or services you offer, then your prospects for generating revenue suffer. It means your competitors get to hog the limelight and steal your potential trade as customers head their way.

And all because your competitors ranked higher in online searches..

You don’t want that, we don’t want that — which is why our effective SEO strategies are designed to make online searches work strongly in your favour. If you need expertly calibrated Cyprus SEO to elevate your business, we have the knowhow to drive more customers to your door.

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    SoftwareCy is the premier website design Cyprus agency & specialises in web hosting, domain registration, SEO, penetration testing & mobile applications.

Your website needs to be seen whenever people look for what you offer.

Take SoftwareCy’s own operation as an example. In an online world driven by search engines and their results, Cyprus SEO and SEO Cyprus are highly prized keywords for SEO agencies like ours. Competition for rankings is high, but the rewards for success are beyond dispute. Here at SoftwareCy, we rank highly for valuable keywords like these despite fierce competition from other SEO agencies.

This means we can do the same for your business.

We know Cyprus, and we know how its heart beats. All that’s needed to get your website ranking highly in online searches is a call to our expert team. We can take your key business details and customer benefits and analyze your competitors’ strategies for search engine ranking. Whatever they have, we’ll beat it. It’s that simple.

The way search engines work is very simple. You tell them exactly what you’re looking for, then they show you the best results. It’s so easy, it seems like magic.

But not every website shows up in searches this way.

Some sit so far down the rankings that they’re a world apart from the ‘best results’.

When it comes to your website, this is important because your business success depends on
customers finding you online. When your site is hard to find … or you’re invisible … this makes generating new business almost impossible. Your website needs to be seen whenever people look for what you offer — and this means taking an active role in telling search engines precisely who you are and what you do.

Search Engine Optimization helps search engines find your website.

That’s why effective Search Engine Optimization lies at the heart of SoftwareCy’s website design process. Configuring SEO is a highly specialized technical operation, but we’ll figure all the hard work for you. We want your customer enquiries linking directly to your website whenever potential buyers search for what you offer.

You can trust our expert team to help your website rank competitively in searches.

The SoftwareCy (SEO Cyprus) Search Engine Optimization Advantage

Six reasons to be seen online with us!

Dominate Google Rankings

Page 1 of Google is where the real business begins. Our aim is to ensure your website occupies the top ranking position. Long term, we can help you dominate the whole page, even if you compete in a busy market.

Stay Ahead of Competitors

We’ll show you how your competitors get their traffic and let you in on their online strategy. Then we’ll outdo them. This means a cutting edge advantage for your business, whatever your competitors do next.

Real Time Advantage

The internet is a fast-changing environment, and regular updates are essential for keeping you on your toes. That’s why you’ll receive detailed reports and analysis month by month, along with regular advice on strategies for improvement.

Total Website SEO

From the alluring design and content of your website’s frontend to the smart fine-tuning under the hood, your website has one job and one job only:



Solid Team Partnership

Unlike other SEO providers, our expert team handles 100% of what we do. We never rely on 3rd parties, which means we can always vouch for the cutting edge technology and knowledge we offer. That means your business is part of a tight-knit team — focused, reliable and professional.

Total Support

We want your website to run on automatic pilot, generating interest and revenue 24/7 while you get on with running your business and your life. We’re always on hand for queries and updates, and if you need technical help, you can trust to deliver quick and comprehensive solutions.

Ranking highly on Google and other search engines is a number one priority for serious businesses.

It’s the best form of advertising available right now. Radio, newspapers, billboards — even FaceBook — simply can’t compete. Google’s advantage over all these marketing methods is that it puts you in direct contact with precisely the customers you need. But only if your SEO is properly configured! Our expert team understands how Google works, and we’ll configure your website’s SEO so your business ranks competitively. Ultimately, that means occupying the Number One slot at the top of search engine pages.

SEO is technical, sometimes complex, but you can leave all the finer details to us. The only thing you need to know about advanced algorithms looks something like this …

Boost Visibility

Effective SEO boosts your online visibility. With our expert help, your website can dominate Google rankings every time customers search for what you offer.

Attract More Customers

More visibility means more customers. It’s the difference between the crowds in the shopping mall and the handful of people in the backstreet store. Aim high!

Increase Revenue

More customers ultimately means more revenue. When your SEO tells search engines where to find you, you make it easier for customers to discover you and buy from you.

Trust us to take the technical hard work off your shoulders!

We’ll optimize your website to rank highly on Google. That way, you can beat your competitors and become the leaders in your niche market. You can expect positive results from 9-15 months and the ultimate promise of a 1st Page ranking on Google.

Welcome, we are SoftwareCy, and we can help with the search engine optimization of your website. It does not matter if your site is based in Cyprus or any other country worldwide.

It’s important to remember always that market circumstances change, and search engines reflect these changes. SEO strategies that worked well a few months ago may not offer such benefits tomorrow.

That’s why we constantly monitor your website and review its performance. At the end of each month, you’ll receive a report from one of our experts detailing everything you need to know. We’ll look at progress made with rankings and traffic, and compare these results with what your competitors are doing. This is valuable information, and it gives you a competitive advantage when planning your next business move. We’ll advise you on any changes that will help take your website forward and implement them right away.

Please note that our Search Engine Optimization expertise is not available for all businesses.

As a professional website design and SEO agency we would love to help everyone that requests our expertise, but we select the clients we work with very carefully. Producing high quality work is very important to us, and we only work with a limited number of clients at any given time. To this end, we have a reasonable set of criteria that need to be met in order for us to proceed. This ensures maximum attention to detail and the best possible results for our clients.

We would like to do for you a free report and website analysis, and then give you an honest opinion regarding the work that needs to be done on your site in to improve your rankings on Google.

Contact us at +357 70009036 or email us at info@softwarecy.com and get started now! Don’t lose any more time! Each second you are losing it means that you are losing customers!

Best website design and SEO agency in Cyprus!
Anna Magidou
Anna Magidou
Thank you for the amazing website design! Proud that SoftwareCy is handling our website!
Editori Boutique
Editori Boutique
By far the best SEO agency in Limassol, Cyprus! My website is now ranked 1st and getting loads of new leads every single day! Proud to use the SEO Cyprus service by SoftwareCy!!
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Kate Green
SoftwareCy is the best web design Cyprus agency. They created a responsive website design for my needs! Great work!
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Irene Charalambous
I've been working with SoftwareCy for my website www.xeniosfitness.com since 2014. SoftwareCy managed to rank my website on search engines for very competitive keywords in my niche in the UK. By far SoftwareCy is the best when it comes to SEO and website design.
Xenios Charalambous
Xenios Charalambous
Experts in website design and SEO. Based in Limassol, Cyprus but can server any client globally!
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Audit Net
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Natalia Irodova