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Netflix Now Available Everywhere, Including NetFlix Cyprus

Netflix Cyprus just went global with the announcement on CES2016 bringing its network of internet TV in nearly every country. The Firm added more than 130 countries into its coverage except China.

Everybody had been waiting for the announcement eagerly expecting to hear that India had been added up. Instead, Reed Hastings, the firm’s chief executive, announced a global expansion that saw it covering almost the entire globe. Some of the major countries where the service was launched include India, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Nigeria. The move comes as a counter to the slowing growth experienced in the US. Following the announcements, the company’s shares jumped up to 9.3 per cent to close at $117.68.

NetFlix Cyprus

NetFlix Cyprus was one of the countries that have now been able to get the full services and support of Netflix. Users from here can now create accounts and start watching movies and television programmes immediately from the website, according. The Netflix prices in Cyprus are just the same as the prices in the US, ranging from €7.99 – €11.99 per month.

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With the launch, Hastings declared the birth of a new global internet TV network, which would see consumers all over the world, and on any device able to enjoy TV shows and movies simultaneously with the help of the internet. He said that the company has plans of releasing 31 new and returning series, 24 original feature films and documentaries, 30 original kids’ series and a wide range of stand-up comedy specials. All this would be available to any member anytime, anywhere in the world.

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The move was termed as much sooner and much more ambitious than expected, by Wedbush analyst, Michael Pachter. Everybody had been expecting Netflix to go everywhere, but this happened more quickly than they had thought. Previously, the firm had been doing this in phased stages, mainly due to the high costs of marketing and dubbing or subtitling the content.

Since the company first launched it’s services in 2007, it has expanded gradually. The firm is now aiming at reaching 200 countries by the end of 2016. Due to the US government restrictions on American companies, Netflix won’t be available in Crimea, North Korea and Syria.

Hastings said that the company was still exploring possible options for providing it’s services to China. This, however, would be a challenge as China is very restrictive when it comes to foreign-based media firms, according to Fernando Elizalde from the tech consultancy Garter.

As part of the move, Netflix added simplified and traditional Chinese to the 17 languages that it already supports. The company now provides subtitles, captions and alternative audio in 21 languages.

Later in a follow-up press conference, Reed stated that the firm would initially focus on expanding its reach of its available content, rather than commissioning lots of extra locally made shows.

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