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Instagram as a business in Cyprus

If you aren’t already using Instagram as a business in Cyprus, your company might be missing out on a lot! Instagram is a great social media platform for business needs because it represents one of the easiest ways to reach out to a huge number of people. How well will Instagram affect your business largely depends on how you use your marketing strategies. Therefore, to help you understand how to use Instagram as a business in Cyprus and improve your traffic and sales, we have prepared for you a few short steps!

#1 Content creation

As with any social media platform, content creation is the most important thing that affects your business. Unlike on Facebook or your webpage, on Instagram, you cannot post articles as your content. The content on Instagram is mostly images, which is great because a picture can say a thousand words! If you use it correctly!

Therefore, the content you post on Instagram should not always be promotional. Accounts that only post sales promos don’t end up having much success on this social media platform. Make sure to include content such as images of your products or images of behind the scene activities in your brand, for example, how you create your products. The pictures you post should be high quality and professional-looking. When it comes to those two terms, what will affect your image the most is the lighting so try to take pictures in rooms full of natural light or outdoors, if possible!

Instagram has recently released a new feature called Instagram Stories. This feature allows you to post slideshow content (images or 30-second videos) which will disappear after 24 hours. This feature is a great way to effectively reach out to a large number of people who might have interest in your brand. Therefore, make sure you use it and post fun and engaging content at least once a day.

#2 Engage with the audience

Your audience is there because they are interested in your content and brand so they deserve some attention in return. Make sure to respond to as many comments on your images as you can, since that will make them feel more relevant to you. The engagement with your audience gives your page a more “human factor” so that people know they are not only seeing content but feeling your involvement and care for what you do.

You can also encourage your visitors to tag their friends in posts that could be of value to them, which will increase your traffic significantly. However, that means, even more, people to engage with so make sure to always have at least half an hour a day dedicated to your Instagram audience.

#3 Marketing

One of the most common Instagram marketing strategies when using Instagram as a business in Cyprus is influencer marketing. What influencer marketing means is marketing your content by paying influencer accounts to promote it for you. This Instagram marketing strategy is very effective when it comes to growing your traffic. However, make sure you choose the right influencer pages to promote your content. They should have at least 50 000 followers and a decent amount of likes as well.

As far as other marketing strategies go, using relevant hashtags that directly describe your content will get your images out there! If you want to step up your marketing game, using Instagram ads would be your best option. They are easy to set up and quite effective in this matter.

Now you should have a better understanding of why Instagram should be used as a business in Cyprus. Remember to post high-quality content often, since consistency is the key to growing your audience. If you don’t have time to post content frequently, use one of the tools available in the App store, which will do that for you!