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Increasing your website views

As a website owner, one of your goals should be increasing your website views, as the amount of traffic you have is crucial for the amount of sales you will generate. You are probably here looking for ways on how to increase your website views, which, luckily for you, isn’t difficult at all. Here are a few things you should look at when wanting to improve your website views, with SoftwareCy Cyprus!


All it takes to increase the website views is a bit of tweaking on the site and a bit more promotion. The first thing you want to be paying attention to is your content. The content on your site is 90% the reason why people will or will not come back. Therefore, you have to improve your content in terms of quality and value it offers to readers. Make sure your content is related to your business, don’t post random topics that came out of nowhere. The content you post on your site should be written in a quality manner and have a certain value that will be useful to its targeted readers.

If your readers are satisfied with your content, they are more likely to read it all the way through and come back for more. After each article you post, include a list of related blog posts on your site, as well as a link to get to them. That way, the readers interested in that particular topic will possibly move on to another one of your articles and therefore increase your views. Make sure to promote old content as much as the new one and try creating evergreen content as well.

Evergreen content is a term used for content that never gets old, such as articles that have value for the readers even after months or even years it has been posted. “How to” style articles are great evergreen content to begin with. Make sure your old content gets as much promoting as your new one, don’t just throw it away!

User experience

A reader is more likely going to stay on your site or visit it again if the site is easy to use and navigate through. There is nothing worse than websites with complicated structures and an overflow of adds jumping out from all four corners. Therefore, make sure your site is user-friendly and easy to go through. As far as ads go, try using targeted ads more than random ones, as they will fit more with your content. Don’t place too many adds all over your website and make it difficult for the reader to get to the content they are interested in. Make sure everything is simple and easy and you will definitely experience a growth in your website views.


Last but certainly not least, promote your content! Promoting content means engaging it different marketing strategies that will get your blog posts more outreach. Firstly, make your content as optimized as possible. Search engine optimization Cyprus, is by far the best strategy to get your content out there, by placing it as high as possible in Google search. However, that doesn’t mean we should rule out social media marketing, as it plays an important role in this process as well. Post your website and article links frequently but try not to spam your audience. As long as you provide valuable content and a diversity of it, your website views will keep growing!

 With these three things in mind, there is no doubt your website traffic will increase. Remember, create valuable and in-depth content, optimize it for search engines, promote it properly and frequently and make your site easy to use!