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What Makes a Good Forex Website Design?

Having a good website is a must for all forex, CFD, and cryptocurrencies exchange. A well-designed website will open more leads to you than you can ever imagine. This is because many traders will get onboard with your company if they are pleased with the design of your website. This article will explain the key qualities of a successful forex website design.

Forex Website Design Should Be Simple

With the growth of the fintech industry, the number of forex brokers has increased substantially. As such, there are many forex brokers in the market. Our analysis of the top forex trading companies shows that the most successful ones have a very simple design. On their homepage, they don’t display a lot of things. Instead, they are straight to the point. They explain who they are, the products they offer, and the pricing of their products.

Simple But Catchy Logo

Our research also shows that excellent forex website design incorporate quality graphic design. One way this happens is in the logo design. A logo is so important because it is what comes to mind when customers view the company. Ideally, a good logo design should have a number of qualities such as simple, 2-dimensional, catchy, scalable, and memorable.

Optimized for Search Engines

As you already know, forex is one of the most competitive industries in the world. Therefore, to attract quality customers, your forex website design needs to rank high on search engines. Customers will always prefer those forex websites that rank high in these engines. They believe that these companies are better than those which are ranked lower.

Identify Unique Features

Another thing that the forex website design should show is the unique features the company offers. Since the field is very competitive, customers must have a reason for signing up to the company. For this reason, it is essential that you show them the unique features. These could include things like the pricing, trading software, number of orders executed, events or sports teams you sponsor, and the markets you offer.

Forex Trading Landing Page

A landing page is a must, especially when you are doing paid marketing. A landing page is defined as a standalone web page that is designed for the purpose of the marketing. In forex website design, a good landing page should have a clear call to action, clean and concise text, visual appealing, focus on the customer viewpoint, and show your social media platforms.

Customers and Awards

A new customer will be happy to sign-up to a website that has other users. For this reason, it is important for the forex website design to showcase the number of customers the company has. In addition to this, the website should show a few comments from these customers. It is also important to showcase the ratings the company has received from the customers. Further, showcasing local and international awards will help build credibility.

In our experience, there are other things that every website in the forex industry should have. For example, it should have a section dedicated to terms and conditions and the regulators. It should also have ways for the customers to communicate with.

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