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GMB Offers in Organic Search Results

As you may have already known, Google is constantly making changes for the sake of improving their search results. This is a real nightmare for those trying to keep their sites ranked high on Google’s pages, especially the ones who don’t have the right knowledge and expertise when it comes to search engine optimization.

Here’s what you need to know about one of Google’s recent updates! This update introduced changes in how Google My Business or GMB operates. From now on, Google allows businesses to post offers on GMB and thus place them into organic search results.

If you’re not using GMB for your business, you definitely should because Google My Business can help your company reach a wider audience and gain more customers and profits. Through GMB, you can share your business’ location and working hours, as well as other information and related photo and video content.

Your customers can share their experiences regarding your business, allowing new viewers to get an insight on what it feels like to be involved with your company. Therefore, GMB will not only provide quick feedback to those interested in your business but it will also help you rank higher in local search results.

Why do GMB Offers in Organic Search Results Matter?

With the recent feature in Google My Business that allows people to post GMB offers in organic search results, Google has made it a lot easier for businesses to gain organic traffic. Anyone who has a verified GMB profile can benefit from this new feature.

Your offer in Google My Business can include a post title, an image along with 300 words of text, link to the offer, the basic information such as the start and the end date, as well as an optional coupon code.

Thanks to GMB offers in organic search results, businesses can now obtain more leads than ever through organic search feeds. This is far more valuable for your business than any other type of paid traffic, as the people who visit your site through GMB are sincerely interested in your business.

There is no doubt that this Google’s update and the new Google My Business feature have made GMB a lot more valuable. To get the best out of the new feature, make sure to post high quality content regularly, as well as to update your offers more often. If you need help regarding any Google My Business matters or anything else that will help your site rank higher on Google’s search pages, look for professional search engine optimization services. With professional help, you can generate far more leads using Google My Business and other SEO strategies as well!