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Helping Online Coaches to Achieve Up To 30% Opt-in Rate And Increase Return on Paid Ad Spend in 1 Week!

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Client Case Studies

Success stories from our clients after using Funnel Opt-in within 1 week.

From 15% Opt-in Rate to 25%!

Before: Xenios initial opt-in rate before using Funnel Opt-in was 8%

Funnel Opt-in Basic: From 8% to 15% Opt-in rate

Funnel Opt-in Pro: Exploded to 25% Opt-in rate

Before: 16.2% Opt-in Rate

Funnel Opt-in Pro: From 16.2% to 27% Opt-in Rate and 30% increase in leads!

Before: 8% Opt-in Rate

Funnel Opt-in Basic: From 8% to 28% Opt-in Rate

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Sergios Charalambous

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Sergios Charalambous, and 8 years ago, I was engaged as an employee of Cisco Systems to increase their opt-in rate on VSL’s or Webinars. On 2015 I founded SoftwareCy, which focuses on building exceptional user-friendly websites and funnels. All of our clients wanted the best possible opt-in rate from their landing pages or funnels.


I looked everywhere for a strategy on how to do this, but I found nothing other than a few books on the topic and some web sources.


I decided to take matters into my own hands and run a series of experiments to get the optimum landing page conversion result.


My strategy worked so well, that our clients were super happy and generating leads. Soon people started asking me how I can get such high opt-in rates into VSL or webinars. 


So, I decided to create Funnel-Opt-in. Funnel Opt-in would help others achieve high opt-in rates on their current funnels by just using our plugin and without any technical or coding skills!



Why use Funnel Opt-in?

We have spend lots of money on testing and optimising the interfaces we provide and ensured you will get the maximum possible opt-in rate. Now you just use Funnel Opt-in and you get the maximum results.

Do You Need Coding Knowledge To Use It?

No, our solution is super easy to manage it. You just install it on any WordPress platform as a normal plugin. 

Can I Use Funnel Opt-in Without WordPress?

Yes, we will setup a WordPress for you without any cost and you can use it from there.

Can I Get A Refund?

If you are not happy the first 7 days of your purchase we can provide a refund to you.