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Fix Search Visibility Drop on Google’s SERP

There’s nothing worse than seeing your site lose a high ranking after putting so much effort into getting it to rank high on Google search. Unfortunately, it is quite common for sites to drop down when it comes to Google ranking. This could be happening for many reasons, especially around the time when Google introduces an updated version of its algorithm. If you aren’t keeping up with your search engine optimization strategies, it is likely for your site to drop after a certain period of time. SEO requires consistency, as it is not enough to simply rank your site on the first page once. You must contribute to this ranking on a daily basis. However, there is no need to worry if your site suddenly loses its ranking, since there are ways to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP.

How to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP?

The three most common reasons why your site might have dropped include a tremendous increase in the bounce rate, backlink drops and your competitors gaining higher quality links. Let’s go over these ones by one to ensure you understand what to focus on in order to get your site back up there!

#1 Increase in the bounce rate

You are probably familiar with the term bounce rate but in case you need a reminder, bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and leave it soon after. That tells Google your site is not very valuable, which is why your ranking might drop. The bounce rate is actually one of the main factors upon which Google bases its rankings. Therefore, in order to get your site back on top of the page and gain the required visibility, you need to reduce the bounce rate and keep it as low as possible. To do so, make sure to engage your visitors and make them stay on the site longer.

#2 Backlink drops

Your ranking also largely depends on the quality of internal links you have on the site. Backlinking refers to connecting your content with external authority domains and sources. The more powerful your internal links are, the more valuable your site will seem to Google. However, even if you have good backlinks on your site, it is possible for some of those links to lose value over time. If any of your internal links lose authority, your site may lose its ranking due to backlink drops. To prevent this, make sure to regularly update your site by including new and high authority links.

#3 Competitor Backlinks

 Last but not least, don’t forget that search engine optimization is a form of competition. You are competing against other companies in your niche in order to get a higher ranking. If your site loses ranking even though it has high quality internal links and a low bounce rate, the reason are most probably your competitors who have gained a boost in ranking because of higher authority links. In this case, you should analyze what kind of content your competitors are putting out in order to see why their ranking is boosted. Keep working on your SEO consistently and your site will climb back up to the first position! However, make sure to understand this won’t happen overnight, as it takes a lot of effort to get a site to return to its previous ranking!