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Clickfunnels SEO – Guide and Tips to Configure Your SEO

Clickfunnels SEO – Best Traffic Source

There are many channels out there that you can send traffic to your website. The most common paid ways are Facebook AdsTwitter AdsGoogle AdWords, and Linkedin Ads. All those channels will not provide you warm traffic. Instead, it will be cold traffic because people get disturbed by those ads as they browse or interact with their friends in their free time.

While each of the above-mentioned traffic sources has its pros and cons, we recommend that you adopt SEO for your Clickfunnels strategy.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engines like Google, and Bing are the most popular websites in the world. We use them every day to find relevant information. Any query you ask the search engines will result in thousands of results. These results are usually grouped in pages.

To most people, the only page that matters is the first one. In fact, most people never bother going to the second page. Therefore, it will almost be impossible for you to make any organic leads if your Clickfunnels is not on the first page.

Clickfunnels search engine optimization (SEO) is a method in which website developers use to make their websites or funnels rank higher on the search engines. The entire process involves a number of things like keyword research, content writing, on-page optimizations, and obtaining backlinks. In our many years in the industry, SEO is the best way to grow your business organically.

Clickfunnels SEO – Why You Should Use SEO?

There are several reasons why SEO is the best strategy for growing your Clickfunnels or any other online-based business. Some of the main benefits of using Clickfunnels SEO are:

Organic leads are always the best because you don’t need to pay for them. As such, the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is always lower for such leads.

As a marketer, your goal is to have many sales while spending less amount of money. SEO will achieve this because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to market when your website ranks first in your industry.

Most people prefer using a website that ranks higher on the search engine that those that pay to rank higher.

Google has introduced new tools like ratings and quick answers. If your Clickfunnel is optimized well for SEO, you will attract these leads easily.

Google and other search engines realize the importance of page speeds. As such, the recent algorithm changes have been made to prioritize websites that load faster. A good-designed funnel will lead to a faster funnel.

With more people using mobile devices to search the internet, Google is now prioritizing responsive websites. SEO can help your Clickfunnel be more optimized to people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Step 1 – Keyword Research for Clickfunnels SEO

Google and other search engines use keywords to rank websites. Keywords are simply the terms that you use to search the internet. For example, when you type in lose weight fast, that is a keyword. The same is true when you type, free online trading course. The keyword that you use is so important in determining the success of your clickfunnel. For example, because of competition, it is almost impossible to appear on the first page of Google for a keyword like lose weight fast.

Using a good and SEO company will help you do intensive research on the best keyword to use. At SoftwareCy, we will take time to understand your business and your industry. We will then come up with a collection of the relevant keywords that will help you rank higher.

We will do that by thinking of the potential keywords that people are interested in. For example, instead of a hard-to-rank keyword like lose weight fast, we might recommend a local keyword like lose weight fast in Los Angeles. Another important part of keyword research in Clickfunnels will be to look at the key competitors and analyzing the strategies they are using to rank higher. This implies doing a detailed competitor analysis.

Note: The keywords found on this step should be used in your funnel to to rank high on Google.

You can also do alone your keyword research by using the tool or Ahrefs. You just enter the keyword for example, you want to search and then it will also suggest you other keywords relevant back to you.

Step 2 – On-Page SEO for Clickfunnels

As with the basic website SEO, an on-page SEO is essential in determining how your rank. On-page SEO for Clickfunnels and websites generally include a several things like:

  • Google uses the page title to rank websites. A good page title should be short, have the main keyword, and be relevant to the website.
  • This is a short description that covers what the website or the Clickfunnel is all about. It should have the main keyword too.
  • The images and videos in the Clickfunnel should be optimized well. One way to do this is by having alternative text and descriptions that Google will use to rank them.
  • Google uses content to rank websites. The content on the page should be optimized well for the search engine.
  • This is a strategy that aims to optimize the mobile-friendliness of a website. As mentioned above, Google usually prioritizes websites that are optimized for mobile.
  • Google values websites that have quality internal and external links.
  • Google uses the URL to rank your Clickfunnel. For example, a URL with the keyword will rank better than one with vague numbers.

By using SoftwareCy, our experts will audit your Clickfunnels for on-page SEO and then implement the best practices. This will ensure that your funnel has all the ingredients for success when Google crawlers look at your site.

Do It Yourself On Page SEO guide for Clickfunnels

Off course you are also welcomed to do your On-Page SEO alone for your Clickfunnels sales page. Make sure to do the below in detail:

  • Page Title – Make sure to set a page title for your page and it should be 50-60 characters to be SEO friendly.
  • Meta Description – It should be 120 – 158 characters in to display properly on the search results.
  • Image and video – Make sure to include some images and set the alt tag. The images should also be optimized in size. Another ranking factor is having at least 1 video in your page related to your main topic.
  • Content – Your content should be rich and unique otherwise you will be penalized from Google. Duplicated content can results on your page to be penalized and not be ranked at all.
  • Mobile-friendly – Is pretty easy from Clickfunnels to have a mobile-friendly page. So make sure to test it well on phones and implement any necessary changes.
  • Internal and External links – We suggest linking to at least 3 other pages of your domain and to 3 other websites apart from yours.
  • URL formatting – if you want to rank for personal training in London the we suggest you the url of your sales page to be “”. Urls that make no sense will have a disadvantage when doing SEO.

Off-Page SEO for Clickfunnels

80% of all SEO work resides outside of the website. The most important aspect of off-page SEO is link buildingGoogle and other search engines prefer websites that other websites are linking to. For example, the main reason why websites like NY Times rank so high is that many websites link to them. Some of the methods of backlinks are:

  • Organic backlinks. This is where ordinary website owners read your content, find it ideal, and then decide linking to it. A good example is that of the NY Times mentioned above.
  • Manually-built links. For a small Clickfunnels, it will be difficult to have so many backlinks. At SoftwareCy, we will submit your website to leading websites through guest posts.
  • Guest posting. This is the process of creating guest posts and submitting them to high quality websites.
  • Influencer marketing. This is when you talk to an influencer in your industry who helps to promote your funnel.
  • Social media marketing. This is the practice of being active in various social media platforms.
  • Reputation managementGoogle tends to rank higher funnels that are well-liked. This means that websites with a good user score are ranked higher.

At SoftwareCy, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your Clickfunnels appears high on the search engines. We are constantly paying attention to the Google’s algorithm changes and changing your funnels and websites accordingly.


  1. The biggest challenge for Clickfunnels is creating awareness.
  2. While there are many methods of creating more awareness, SEO is the best method.
  3. SEO is good for marketing Clickfunnels because it is relatively cheaper and it tends to attract better leads.
  4. There are several qualities that make a Clickfunnel succeed.
  5. SEO includes both on-page and off-page strategies for making the Clickfunnel rank higher.
  6. On-page SEO strategies include things like page titles and meta description.
  7. Off-page Clickfunnels SEO is mostly about reputation management and attracting external links.
  8. At SoftwareCy, we have an experienced team of experts in the industry.