SoftwareCy Presents at the iFX Expo in Cyprus

The iFX Expo is one of the biggest B2B events in the world. The event, which is held in Europe and Asia, brings together some of the biggest fintech companies in the world to discuss emerging trends in the industry. It is attended by thousands of enthusiasts in the industry.

In May, the event was held at the prestigious Palais des Sports Spyros Kyprianou. Palais is the biggest and most prestigious multi-dynamic arena in Cyprus. The event attracted more than 200 of the largest fintech and technology companies from around the world. Among the key participants were companies like Microsoft,Salesforce,  etoro, and Metaquotes. More than 4000 participants from Cyprus and around the world attended the event.

The event was packed with incredible workshops and seminars on various finance and technology-related topics. Among the topics discussed was on the recent rally in the cryptocurrencies sector, the state of regulations in the industry, and the ongoing trends in the financial sector.

As the fastest growing SEO Agency in Cyprus, SoftwareCy was pleased to participate in the event. We were happy to interact with some of our fintech clients, who expressed their gratitude for the work we do for them. We were also happy to meet with other companies, explain to them what we do, and how we can help improve their performance.

Our CEO, Sergios Charalambous was one of the key speakers during the event. He presented at a session called The Marketing Crunch: Best Performing Study Cases, which focused on the ongoing changes in search. In his presentation, he talked about how the Google algorithm works and what fintech companies needs to do to rank higher. He explained the long-term approach our company takes when developing websites for our fintech clients. In a statement, he said that:

“We are pleased to exhibit and talk at this world class event. Over the years, we have helped many fintech clients and are pleased to see them sponsoring this event. We will continue partnering with the team behind the event in future.”

Sergios Charalmbous SoftwareCY

Antonis Anoniou, Marketing Director and Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing of UK, was also pleased to take part in the event. He wrote an indepth article that appeared in the official iFX Expo magazine. In his article, The Marketing Mix Solution: Creating the perfect recipe for today’s modern world, he talked about the ever-changing field of marketing and how fintech companies need to evolve in this digital age. In a statement, he said:

“It was an honor to share my thoughts on the changing landscape in marketing with the participants. I look forward to continuing this conversation with our clients in future.”

As a company, we are grateful to all our customers for entrusting us with their projects. We will continue doing the hard work behind the scenes to increase the visibility of your organizations. We also look forward to meeting you in the other events we will be partnering with in future.


Why an ambitious personal trainer in Kings Cross London should consider SEO

With each passing day, more and more people are looking to get healthy. To this end, they are willing to involve personal trainer with the intention of achieving this goal in a professional, friendly, and goal oriented environment.

With this in mind, the demand for personal trainers is on the rise. However, unlike yesteryears where people simply headed to their local gym or spa for access to personal trainers, people are simply searching for their personal trainers on the internet. Therefore, for ambitious personal trainers, SEO should be their main marketing tactic to spur growth. To understand why personal trainers should consider using SEO, herein are top benefits of using SEO.

#1. Opportunity For Building A High-Quality Personal Brand

For personal trainers, branding is an important aspect of marketing. The better and bigger your brand is the better your stand to attract even more clients. SEO can go a long to help a personal trainer achieve this. Consider this, by appearing top of the search engine result page in your niche many people consider you as an expert in that field. This build your brand as the to-go-to personal trainer in your niche, thus substantially building your brand. Ultimately, this increases your following, making it easier for you to attack high-quality clients as well high-quality deals.

#2. Greater Returns On Investments

SEO is one of the few marketing tactics that yield high returns on investments. In this regard, a personal trainer will be spending less for more, which reduces their operational costs whilst increasing the profitability of your business.

#3. Market Targeting

One aspect of SEO is niche development. Niche development is the process of building your business around a specific type of service. This gives you an aura of being an expert because you focus on one subject matter. In this regard, for a personal trainer who specializes weight loss, muscle building, and dietary planning, they have an opportunity to target clients interested in the services they render. Furthermore, personal trainers have the opportunity to target the geographical areas within which they render their services.

#4. Induces Professionalism In Freelancing Personal Trainers

It now common to find personal trainers plying their trade as freelancers. However, one shortcoming that freelancing comes with is the inability to prove their professionalism. To this end, SEO optimised ensures that a personal trainers website represents them in a professional manner, thus giving them more credibility.

A client and partner that we have at SoftwareCy that changed the game as a personal trainer kings cross is Xenios Charalambous. You can check out Xenios on the following links: