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Making Sense of Recent Google Algorithm Changes

Google is the world’s most popular search engines while Google’s Android product is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In addition, the company employs almost 100K employees, with most of them focused on improving search. Therefore, regularly, Google tends to implement algorithm changes. This article will explain the recent Google algorithm changes and how they can impact your search rankings.

Reason for Google Algorithm Changes

The main reason why Google conducts regular algorithm changes is to improve the results it provides to its users. Ideally, when you perform a Google search, you want to see the relevant answers first. These answers can help improve your productivity. Another reason for Google algorithm changes is to target developers who try to game the systems. By reigning on these developers, the company can create a better ecosystem for its products. Finally, Google performs regular changes to adapt to the new changes in the internet age.

Overview of Recent Google Algorithm Changes

In May this year, the company announced new changes on how it ranks new websites. In the statement, the company announced that the default ranking of all new websites will be on mobile-first indexing. The new changes will take effect on July 1 this year.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google algorithm changes

Let me take you back. A few years ago, most people used computers to browse the internet. The use of smartphones and tablets was not very common because they were not highly developed. Also, the number of mobile internet users was not very high. A few years ago, after mobile devices became better, more people shifted. Today, more than 3 billion people use smartphones.

To design websites at the time, developers used to build two sites. One was for the mobile while the second was for web. This was challenging because the screen sizes of the smartphones was not the same. This meant that developers had to create multiple websites. A few years ago, the concept of responsive website design started. A responsive website is one that can adapt to all screen sizes.

As the new framework grew, Google started to favor websites that were optimized for mobile. Therefore, the recent Google algorithm changes will ensure that all new websites are indexed using this framework.

As a website owner, you need to do two things. First, you need to use Google’s URL inspection tool that confirms that your website has been indexed. If it is not, you can request Google to index it. You can also see the reasons why Google has not indexed your site.  Second, you can view the rendered version of the page. This helps you to see a screenshot of how Googlebot sees the page. You can also view the loaded resources list. Second, you need to do a free Google mobile test to determine whether your website is optimized for mobile. You can also read the Google resources to see how you can optimize your site for the new Google algorithm changes.

October Google Algorithm Change

Google algorithm change

In October last year, Google announced a new change of its algorithm. In this change, the company announced that it was increasing its focus on how fast websites load. The goal is to ensure that the websites that load fast appear on the top of the search engine. As a website owner, it is essential for you to ensure that your site loads faster. You can use the PageSpeed Insights tool to check how fast your website loads.

Another thing that Google addressed was on the quality of content that it ranks. For years, the company has focused on content to rank the websites. However, many developers have been manipulating the system to ensure that their content ranks higher. To solve that, Google uses third-party human testers, who help to identify the effectiveness of the content its results show.

Why Use SoftwareCY

As a busy business executive, following up on the Google algorithm changes could be a tough thing. To solve that problem, it is recommended that you use the services of a company like SoftwareCY. Doing this will help you focus on your job as we focus on putting your website on the top of the search engines. To get started, get in touch with us using the form in this page.


5 Undisputed Ways of Creating a Good SEO Strategy

The world of business is seeing major changes as digital interruption continues to heat up. These days, all types of industries are seeing competition from well-funded startups that operate globally. This competition has led to an increase in the cost of online marketing. This is because Google and Facebook’s algorithms only display the best-paying ads. Therefore, companies that are experiencing more sales are those that have invested a lot in search engine optimization. This article will explain what you need to know when creating a good SEO strategy.

Need for Research

To rank high on Google, you need to do a lot of research. First, you need to research about the changes that have happened in the industry. For example, this week, Google announced that all websites will be ranked using mobile-first indexing. As it has been for a long time, the company will prioritize websites that are fully optimized for the search engines. Another thing that has emerged is on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This technology helps ensure lighting-fast loading of websites. You should also do research on the keywords that do well in your industry when creating a good SEO strategy.

Competitor Research

Regardless of the industry you are in, you will find competitors. For this reason, your SEO goal should be to rank higher than all of them. When you do this, you will have more sales and leads than them. Therefore, you should analyze the strategies they are doing and then do better. This includes things like content outreach and video marketing. Doing this research will give you an edge to be better than them.

Patience when creating good SEO Strategy

A common mistake many people do is to assume that they will create a website today, and appear on the first page of Google in the first week. This is wrong. In fact, we believe that it takes a couple of months before you start to rank that high. Therefore, when creating a good SEO strategy, you should not be in a hurry as it will take time. Before you start ranking, you can still use paid search as a way of attracting customers.

Localize Your Strategy

When creating a good SEO strategy, it is recommended that you localize your approach. If your clients are mostly from Limassol, you should create a search engine optimization strategy that targets these people. Targeting people from many places will be harder for you to rank higher. For example, for our website, we observed that targeting global customers was a tough thing because of the number of website designers that exist. So, we focused on the Cyprus market, where we have continued to see accelerated growth.

A Content Strategy For SEO

As you strive to optimize your website for SEO, content strategy is of great importance. It is this content that will help you propel your site to the first page. By this, we mean all types of content such as text, images, video, white papers, and infographics among others. As a business owner, you should either have a team that does content or outsource these services. The content should also help you establish authority in your industry.

At SoftwareCY, we are experts of SEO. In the past few years, we have helped many large and small companies establish an excellent presence in the search engines. As a result, these companies have continued to grow while slashing their marketing costs. If you want to grow, get in touch with us and a representative will get back to you.


6 SEO Content Mistakes For Your Website to Avoid in 2019

You have invested countless of hours building your website. The website looks great and you are happy with your work. You submit the website to Google and hope to start generating traffic within a short period. However, many months later, your website does not appear anywhere close to the first page of Google and your business is struggling. This article will explain the most SEO content mistakes that could be costing you traffic.

Targeting Search Engines Instead of People

A common SEO mistake many people make is to forget that the content is read by people. For this reason, they write content that is targeted towards the search engines. Instead of doing this, you should create high quality content that add value to your readers. Doing this has a number of benefits, which include:

  1. It will help increase the number of backlinks.
  2. It will help you establish yourself as an expert in your industry.
  3. It will increase the number of people who share the content.
  4. It will help increase the number of email and social media subscriptions.

Keyword Stuffing

Google ranks articles based on keywords. For an article to rank well, it needs to have the keyword on the title, meta, and in the body. A common mistake many people make is to stuff the keyword inside the body. This means having the keyword appear in the article many times. This is wrong for a number of reasons. First, Google’s algorithm hates keyword-stuffed articles. Second, such article is very difficult for one to read for the readers. Finally, it’s aim is to beat the search algorithm instead of solving the readers problems. Consider the image below.

Top SEO Mistakes

No Specific Keyword

While your articles should aim to be organic in nature, they should also be optimized for the search engines. This is because, Google’s algorithm ranks articles based on the keywords on the title. For example, if you search the keyword ‘lose weight’, the titles of the articles you will see will have that keyword. This keyword should be on the title, the body of the article, and in all images that you use. These attributes will Google’s algorithm identify your article and rank it.

No Internal and External Links

Another common SEO content mistake is to avoid any links on their articles. Internal links are those that point to other pages on your website while external links are those that point to pages in other websites. When analyzing a page, Google’s algorithm tries to find the most useful content to serve its users. As such, it prefers pages that link externally because this helps provide reference to the content. Therefore, all your articles should have internal and external links.

Building too Many Links too Fast

As mentioned above, backlinks are very important in how Google ranks its pages. However, the reality is that Google values the quality of backlinks that an article generates. As such, it penalizes people who use tricks to gain backlinks and game the system. To avoid this, you should develop quality content that people will link to organically. When you move very fast, your website can be flagged as being spam. In addition, you should avoid buying links because this will be waste of money. Doing this will be a major SEO content mistake that will cost your website.

Targeting to a Global Audience

Another SEO content mistake many people make is to target a global audience even when their target market is local. The challenge with this is that competition in a global scale is very big, meaning that your content will likely not rank high. For example, since our company targets customers from Cyprus, we decided to optimize our content to Cyprus customers. Here, the competition is relatively little, which makes it easy to rank higher.

Final Thoughts

To rank high on all search engines, content is very important because it is what Google uses to rank websites. While there are other mistakes you might be doing, these six SEO content mistakes are the most common ones.

If you are struggling to rank, our team at SoftwareCY can help you create intuitive search engine-optimized content for your website.


5 Reasons Your Website Leads are Falling And How You Can Change This

Millions of people start their businesses every year. However, most of these companies fail in the first one year of being started. In the United States, the Small Business Administration (SBA) says that more than 50% of all businesses started fail within the first five years. Obviously, there are many reasons why these companies fail such as inadequate capital, a bad business strategy, poor hiring strategy, and a bad product mix. Another reason that is often understated is the online presence of these companies. If you are an entrepreneur running a small website, this article will explain five key reasons why your website leads are declining or not growing.

Unresponsive Website Design

Most of the website traffic today comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. To promote the quality of websites, search engines like Google, Bing, and Baidu provide a higher ranking to websites that are optimized for the mobile devices. To solve this problem, you first need to check whether your website is responsive. You can test this by using Google’s free Mobile Friendly Test. If your website is friendly, it means that there are other problems, which are described below. If it is not, you need to get a good website designer who will create a better one for you. Such a designer will help you improve your website leads. Alternatively, if yours is a simple site, you can use the various CMS services like Weebly and Wix to develop your site.

Not Search Engine Optimized

Search engines are the most important part of your digital presence. For this reason, if your website does not appear on the front page of Google, it is almost impossible for you to succeed. This is because very few people move to the second page of Google results. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is well-optimized for the search engines. To do this, a few of the key things you need to do are:

  • Have well-optimized content in all pages.
  • Update your website regularly.
  • Analyze the sources of your data using products like Alexa and SimilarWeb.
  • Ensure that all your titles and URLs are well labelled.
  • Research the best primary and secondary keywords
  • Ensure that the website loads fast.
  • Invest in having quality backlinks to your website.

Bugs Affect Your Website Leads

People are usually turned-off by websites with a lot of bugs. Therefore, if your website has lots of them, the traffic will continue to dwindle. Some of the most-common bugs are:

  • Server problems: if a website is often not online, most people will not come back. A common error is the ‘internal server error.’
  • Security warning: many users are usually warned when accessing an insecure website. You should solve this by ensuring that your website has an up-to-date secure system.
  • Dead links: your website could have a number of dead links. You can use the various broken links analyzer platforms available online.
  • Slow loading speeds: if your website loading speed is low, it will be a turn-off to many people. You can solve this by changing your website host, minimizing redirects, reduce DNS lookups, enable caching, and optimize images.
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes: ensure that the content on your website does not bave any grammar and spelling mistakes.

Graphic Design

Perhaps, the graphic design of your website is making people leave your website. This involves a number of things like your logo, the quality of the pop-up, your landing page, and the images used on your website. If you are running an e-commerce platform, the physical appearance of your products could be costing you quality leads. To improve your website leads, you need to:

  • Have simple and excellent graphic designs.
  • Ensure that the images used on the site are excellent.
  • Have a regular designer if you don’t have graphic design experience.

Poor Content

Content plays a very important role in boosting the traffic of your website and increasing the website leads. This is because Google ranks websites based on their content. To increase the visibility of your website, it is recommended that you have a blog or insights page. In this page, you should post quality, exciting, and insightful content that can be shared across the different search engines. You should do some of the following:

  • Post at least one fresh article on your website per week.
  • Hire a content writer as you focus on running your company.
  • Ensure your content adds value to the readers.
  • Ensure that your content is researched well.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing
  • Combine text with images, infographics, and videos.


As an entrepreneur or blogger, it can be demoralizing if the traffic of your website is slowing. This is because your company will not experience any growth if there is no traffic. While there could be other problems with your company, a good way to start is to check the five points mentioned in this article and see how your website leads increase.


Outsourcing SEO VS Building Your Own SEO Team

Effective search engine optimization is one of the most powerful marketing tools in any business armoury. In the right hands, it can be a game changer for creating and retaining clients. That’s why many businesses toy with the idea of building their own SEO teams. Outsourcing SEO can take your business to the next level!

But is this the best strategy for success? You should think seriously about Outsourcing SEO

As a potential recruiter with no direct experience of SEO, you may not be as well placed as you think to identify suitable candidates. Further down the line, you must contend with the higher business overheads that come with additional salaries, office space, and other hidden costs. Establishing an in-house SEO team is not as straightforward as it might seem, and a great amount of work and effort is involved before a single web page is created. But there’s another big problem you must overcome — and it goes way beyond budget and organization, right to the heart of how the online environment works.

The internet is evolving day by day, and search engines like Google regularly change the way their systems operate. This means that websites performing well one day may slip down the rankings the next … for seemingly no reason at all. It takes a sharp eye to follow such trends and get rankings quickly back on track, and SEO teams allied to just one product or service are often blinkered in this respect.

At SoftwareCy we work with clients from a diverse range of industries and services, and by far the most important aspect of our marketing expertise comes from taking a broad view of how businesses and search engines interact over time. When Google makes changes, or the world generates trends, we’re quick to spot the patterns and versatile enough to build solutions and strategies on the fly.

Better still, the benefits we bring to individual clients can be made available to all.

Since 2015, SoftwareCy has helped 150+ businesses to grow and flourish.

As SEO specialists with a keen eye on the bigger picture, we’ve boosted rankings for clients in many industries, including Real Estate, FOREX, Lawyers, Accountants, Financial Services, Consultants, Coaches, Banks, Insurance Companies, SaaS, Tourism Industry… and many more!

Some of our success stories on specific keywords can be seen below:

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So if you’re thinking of setting up your own SEO team, think again.

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Building Backlinks Dos and Don’ts

As backlinking is one of the main factors you need to focus on in order to improve your search engine optimization, there is no doubt that you should put extra effort into collecting links. However, there are several things you need to be aware of, including spam links that shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why in this article we’ve focused on building backlinks dos and don’ts to help you get the best out of backlinking and search engine optimization in general.


The Most Important Building Backlinks Dos and Don’ts

backlinks cyprus

#1 Avoid spammy links

The first thing you should never do is allow low authority sites to provide links for you. Hackers often hack sites in order to obtain links and thus earn money from people looking for help with backlinking. Google doesn’t look for the number of links you have anymore. Instead, it checks the quality of your links and the authority of the site they’re coming from.


#2 Invisible Text

The next thing you should never do when it comes to backlinking is use invisible text. Some people try to trick Google by getting backlinks through invisible texts from other sites. The publishers of those sites make the text links the same color as the background of the site, meaning the links are invisible to the viewer but visible to Google’s crawlers. This is not the right way to build backlinks and improve your SEO, especially since Google is getting smarter in recognizing these hacks.


#3 Paid links

There’s no doubt that paying for links is the fastest way to build backlinks to your site. However, it is not the most effective one since Google mainly looks for natural links. In order to have your site ranked higher, you need to build natural links over a period of time and focus on their quality instead of quantity.


Instead of wasting your time on the above mentioned hacks that aren’t effective, put your valuable time and effort into building natural links gradually. Make sure to focus on obtaining links from higher authority sites, rather than those of low authority. One link from a high authority site is worth more than ten links from a low authority one. To build natural links for your site, you can use one of the following methods: PPT7PDF submission, directory submission, bookmarking, and video and article submission to other sites and platforms.


Link building is a very strategic part of search engine optimization and it requires knowledge and patience. For the best results when it comes to improving SEO, you should hire a professional SEO consultant or look for professional search engine optimization services that will get your site ranked on top of Google search!


Tips to Build Backlinks on my Website

When I searched Google for “tips to build backlinks on my website”, I was surprised to find that the results weren’t very straightforward and to the point. So I thought about some of the ways one can build quality backlinks and figured I should put together a collection of tips myself! If you aren’t familiar with the basics of SEO, you should know that in order to have good search optimization on your site, you need to have the right combination of good on-page factors and high-quality backlinks.

As much as on-page factors such as titles, tags and descriptions are important, your SEO won’t be as effective if you don’t have good quality backlinks. So, to help you build backlinks of your site, we’ve put together the following link building methods to help you take advantage of certain link sources.


#1 Look for Paid Bloggers

Paying a blogger to give quality links to your site is a great way to improve your SEO.  However, if you decide to look for paid bloggers, make sure to check whether their sites are popular and whether they have the authority needed to create quality backlinks. Also, be aware of spammers and where all the links are coming from since many people try to scam others for money by tricking them into purchasing fake SEO services.


#2 Bookmarking

Bookmarking is another effective method of building backlinks to your site and increasing the effectiveness of your search engine optimization. This method consists of gaining high-quality backlinks through bookmarking sites and platforms, such as Reddit or Pinterest.


#3 Backlinks coming from articles

Submitting your articles to other blog posts and platforms is a great way to link back to your site. However, to make this method effective, you need to submit your content to sites and domains related to your niche. The content you submit should contain a reference link to your site, which will increase your SEO effectiveness. This method will also help drive traffic to your site from other platforms you submitted content to.


#4 Backlinks from directories

Even though it’s not easy to find directories related to your site’s niche or your industry, it is highly beneficial for your SEO if you manage to come across them. Once you find the right directory, submit links in order to improve your search engine optimization. Even though it may take a while for directories to link back to your site, it is still very beneficial in the long run.



Google uses backlinks as the main ranking signal, meaning you need high-quality links in order to improve your search engine ranking. As much as the above-mentioned methods will help you improve SEO, keep in mind it is always better to stick to natural links, rather than paid ones. For best results, seek for help from professional SEO consultants!


Fix Search Visibility Drop on Google’s SERP

There’s nothing worse than seeing your site lose a high ranking after putting so much effort into getting it to rank high on Google search. Unfortunately, it is quite common for sites to drop down when it comes to Google ranking. This could be happening for many reasons, especially around the time when Google introduces an updated version of its algorithm. If you aren’t keeping up with your search engine optimization strategies, it is likely for your site to drop after a certain period of time. SEO requires consistency, as it is not enough to simply rank your site on the first page once. You must contribute to this ranking on a daily basis. However, there is no need to worry if your site suddenly loses its ranking, since there are ways to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP.


How to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP?


The three most common reasons why your site might have dropped include a tremendous increase in the bounce rate, backlink drops and your competitors gaining higher quality links. Let’s go over these ones by one to ensure you understand what to focus on in order to get your site back up there!


#1 Increase in the bounce rate


You are probably familiar with the term bounce rate but in case you need a reminder, bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and leave it soon after. That tells Google your site is not very valuable, which is why your ranking might drop. The bounce rate is actually one of the main factors upon which Google bases its rankings. Therefore, in order to get your site back on top of the page and gain the required visibility, you need to reduce the bounce rate and keep it as low as possible. To do so, make sure to engage your visitors and make them stay on the site longer.


#2 Backlink drops


Your ranking also largely depends on the quality of internal links you have on the site. Backlinking refers to connecting your content with external authority domains and sources. The more powerful your internal links are, the more valuable your site will seem to Google. However, even if you have good backlinks on your site, it is possible for some of those links to lose value over time. If any of your internal links lose authority, your site may lose its ranking due to backlink drops. To prevent this, make sure to regularly update your site by including new and high authority links.

#3 Competitor Backlinks


Last but not least, don’t forget that search engine optimization is a form of competition. You are competing against other companies in your niche in order to get a higher ranking. If your site loses ranking even though it has high quality internal links and a low bounce rate, the reason are most probably your competitors who have gained a boost in ranking because of higher authority links. In this case, you should analyze what kind of content your competitors are putting out in order to see why their ranking is boosted. Keep working on your SEO consistently and your site will climb back up to the first position! However, make sure to understand this won’t happen overnight, as it takes a lot of effort to get a site to return to its previous ranking!


Technical SEO 2018

A good SEO strategy is crucial for the success of your business, as establishing an online presence is necessary in order to gain exposure. The technical SEO 2018 requires improving both your on page and off page search engine optimization. To ensure your site is ranking well among your competitors online, you need to focus on several SEO factors, including content and crawlability.

In some cases, even if you have a lot of content on your site it might not rank well on Google because that content is not optimized properly. If you think about it, there is really no point in creating new content if no one is there to read it. Site content should be drawing new people to the site and expanding your audience through the Google search engine. Here are the main factors you should focus on in order to make your site more search engine optimized.

The technical SEO 2018 Factors

Among the main factors of technical SEO 2018 are performance, crawlability and indexation of the site. In terms of your site’s performance, the most important thing to focus on is the loading speed. Not only that slow loading speed completely ruins the user experience but it also makes your site rank lower in search engines.

Google looks at the loading speed as one of the most important factors and requirements for giving the sites a higher ranking. A faster loading speed will increase the chances of ranking higher on Google and it will also reduce the bounce rate on the site, meaning it will reduce the number of people who leave the site because it takes too long to load the pages.

Another thing to focus on regarding the performance is whether your site is mobile-friendly. Since more searches are done through mobile devices nowadays, Google tends to give a higher ranking to sites that have a mobile-friendly approach. Furthermore, you need to check the crawlability and the indexation aspect of technical SEO 2018. If you’re not familiar with them, web crawlers are automated programs in charge of giving sites ranking based on recognizing their content through keywords.

These programs analyze your site and look for specific keywords, based on which they index the site for search engines. Google then uses the index server to determine which pages to show to a user who searches for specific information through search engines. What you need to do is make sure your site is visible to these crawlers so it can reach the first page of Google.

The reason you need to pay attention to these factors is pretty obvious. Your competition is already a step ahead of you by ranking their sites higher on Google search. This means people are more likely to opt for their services just because they see their site first. If you want to save time and get your site optimized faster, you should avail SEO services from reliable SEO consultants who can guarantee to improve your site’s ranking!


What is Mobilegeddon? How it affects SEO?

Ever since 2015 when Google released the new mobile-friendly algorithm websites worldwide began competing for high rankings on mobile search engines. Today, a mobile-friendly site design is mandatory for any business trying to establish their presence online.

Google is still regularly implementing mobile interface testings to ensure a good user experience online, which is why it is important to keep up with the algorithm. The whole concept behind this algorithm update is boosting the SEO rankings of mobile-friendly websites to allow businesses to gain more organic traffic through mobile search. After a series of names being assigned to it, including Mobocalypse and Mopocalypse, the update became officially named Mobilegeddon.

Key things to focus on to improve mobile SEO

To follow up with this algorithm, you should improve the mobile SEO of your site. To rank higher on Google mobile search, you need to improve the overall user experience on your website and implement certain keyword strategies.

Even though mobile SEO strategies are similar to those for desktop search engines, there are a few differences between them. For example, there is a difference in what pages look like on desktop and on mobile devices. To make your site more mobile-friendly, make sure to keep your landing page simple and easy to navigate around. To ensure the best user experience, keep your landing page minimalistic and make sure to include a powerful call to action at the top of the page. This way the visitors will have a clear representation of what your business is about and what their next step on the site should be. The call to action doesn’t have to persuade them into making a purchase right away, it can simply encourage them to contact you for more information or to sign up for your newsletter.

To boost your SEO further, make sure to take advantage of your location and utilize location related tags. This is especially important if your business in any way relates to the local people.

Last but not the least, make sure your web design is responsive! If your site takes too long to load on mobile, the visitors are going to exit and look for another solution. A slow loading site can cost you not only visitors but also potential leads and clients. By speeding up the loading time on your site, you will reduce the overall bounce rate, that is, the number of people who visit your site but get off before the page loads. You can use different tracking and analytics tools to check your site’s bounce rate and to ensure all pages are loading fast enough.

All together, you should really focus on the mobile-friendly approach because it can make a lot of difference in terms of SEO rankings. If your business doesn’t rank on the first page of Google, you are losing clients and profit to your competition who has their site well optimized. Therefore, make sure to implement mobile SEO strategies as soon as possible!