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Clickfunnels SEO – Guide and Tips to Configure Your SEO

Clickfunnels SEO – Best Traffic Source

There are many channels out there that you can send traffic to your website. The most common paid ways are Facebook AdsTwitter AdsGoogle AdWords, and Linkedin Ads. All those channels will not provide you warm traffic. Instead, it will be cold traffic because people get disturbed by those ads as they browse or interact with their friends in their free time.

While each of the above-mentioned traffic sources has its pros and cons, we recommend that you adopt SEO for your Clickfunnels strategy.

How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engines like Google, and Bing are the most popular websites in the world. We use them every day to find relevant information. Any query you ask the search engines will result in thousands of results. These results are usually grouped in pages.

To most people, the only page that matters is the first one. In fact, most people never bother going to the second page. Therefore, it will almost be impossible for you to make any organic leads if your Clickfunnels is not on the first page.

Clickfunnels search engine optimization (SEO) is a method in which website developers use to make their websites or funnels rank higher on the search engines. The entire process involves a number of things like keyword research, content writing, on-page optimizations, and obtaining backlinks. In our many years in the industry, SEO is the best way to grow your business organically.

Clickfunnels SEO – Why You Should Use SEO?

There are several reasons why SEO is the best strategy for growing your Clickfunnels or any other online-based business. Some of the main benefits of using Clickfunnels SEO are:

Organic leads are always the best because you don’t need to pay for them. As such, the customer acquisition cost (CAC) is always lower for such leads.

As a marketer, your goal is to have many sales while spending less amount of money. SEO will achieve this because you don’t need to spend a lot of money to market when your website ranks first in your industry.

Most people prefer using a website that ranks higher on the search engine that those that pay to rank higher.

Google has introduced new tools like ratings and quick answers. If your Clickfunnel is optimized well for SEO, you will attract these leads easily.

Google and other search engines realize the importance of page speeds. As such, the recent algorithm changes have been made to prioritize websites that load faster. A good-designed funnel will lead to a faster funnel.

With more people using mobile devices to search the internet, Google is now prioritizing responsive websites. SEO can help your Clickfunnel be more optimized to people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.

Step 1 – Keyword Research for Clickfunnels SEO

Google and other search engines use keywords to rank websites. Keywords are simply the terms that you use to search the internet. For example, when you type in lose weight fast, that is a keyword. The same is true when you type, free online trading course. The keyword that you use is so important in determining the success of your clickfunnel. For example, because of competition, it is almost impossible to appear on the first page of Google for a keyword like lose weight fast.

Using a good and SEO company will help you do intensive research on the best keyword to use. At SoftwareCy, we will take time to understand your business and your industry. We will then come up with a collection of the relevant keywords that will help you rank higher.

We will do that by thinking of the potential keywords that people are interested in. For example, instead of a hard-to-rank keyword like lose weight fast, we might recommend a local keyword like lose weight fast in Los Angeles. Another important part of keyword research in Clickfunnels will be to look at the key competitors and analyzing the strategies they are using to rank higher. This implies doing a detailed competitor analysis.

Note: The keywords found on this step should be used in your funnel to to rank high on Google.

You can also do alone your keyword research by using the tool or Ahrefs. You just enter the keyword for example, you want to search and then it will also suggest you other keywords relevant back to you.

Step 2 – On-Page SEO for Clickfunnels

As with the basic website SEO, an on-page SEO is essential in determining how your rank. On-page SEO for Clickfunnels and websites generally include a several things like:

  • Google uses the page title to rank websites. A good page title should be short, have the main keyword, and be relevant to the website.
  • This is a short description that covers what the website or the Clickfunnel is all about. It should have the main keyword too.
  • The images and videos in the Clickfunnel should be optimized well. One way to do this is by having alternative text and descriptions that Google will use to rank them.
  • Google uses content to rank websites. The content on the page should be optimized well for the search engine.
  • This is a strategy that aims to optimize the mobile-friendliness of a website. As mentioned above, Google usually prioritizes websites that are optimized for mobile.
  • Google values websites that have quality internal and external links.
  • Google uses the URL to rank your Clickfunnel. For example, a URL with the keyword will rank better than one with vague numbers.

By using SoftwareCy, our experts will audit your Clickfunnels for on-page SEO and then implement the best practices. This will ensure that your funnel has all the ingredients for success when Google crawlers look at your site.

Do It Yourself On Page SEO guide for Clickfunnels

Off course you are also welcomed to do your On-Page SEO alone for your Clickfunnels sales page. Make sure to do the below in detail:

  • Page Title – Make sure to set a page title for your page and it should be 50-60 characters to be SEO friendly.
  • Meta Description – It should be 120 – 158 characters in to display properly on the search results.
  • Image and video – Make sure to include some images and set the alt tag. The images should also be optimized in size. Another ranking factor is having at least 1 video in your page related to your main topic.
  • Content – Your content should be rich and unique otherwise you will be penalized from Google. Duplicated content can results on your page to be penalized and not be ranked at all.
  • Mobile-friendly – Is pretty easy from Clickfunnels to have a mobile-friendly page. So make sure to test it well on phones and implement any necessary changes.
  • Internal and External links – We suggest linking to at least 3 other pages of your domain and to 3 other websites apart from yours.
  • URL formatting – if you want to rank for personal training in London the we suggest you the url of your sales page to be “”. Urls that make no sense will have a disadvantage when doing SEO.

Off-Page SEO for Clickfunnels

80% of all SEO work resides outside of the website. The most important aspect of off-page SEO is link buildingGoogle and other search engines prefer websites that other websites are linking to. For example, the main reason why websites like NY Times rank so high is that many websites link to them. Some of the methods of backlinks are:

  • Organic backlinks. This is where ordinary website owners read your content, find it ideal, and then decide linking to it. A good example is that of the NY Times mentioned above.
  • Manually-built links. For a small Clickfunnels, it will be difficult to have so many backlinks. At SoftwareCy, we will submit your website to leading websites through guest posts.
  • Guest posting. This is the process of creating guest posts and submitting them to high quality websites.
  • Influencer marketing. This is when you talk to an influencer in your industry who helps to promote your funnel.
  • Social media marketing. This is the practice of being active in various social media platforms.
  • Reputation managementGoogle tends to rank higher funnels that are well-liked. This means that websites with a good user score are ranked higher.

At SoftwareCy, we have the experience and expertise to ensure that your Clickfunnels appears high on the search engines. We are constantly paying attention to the Google’s algorithm changes and changing your funnels and websites accordingly.


  1. The biggest challenge for Clickfunnels is creating awareness.
  2. While there are many methods of creating more awareness, SEO is the best method.
  3. SEO is good for marketing Clickfunnels because it is relatively cheaper and it tends to attract better leads.
  4. There are several qualities that make a Clickfunnel succeed.
  5. SEO includes both on-page and off-page strategies for making the Clickfunnel rank higher.
  6. On-page SEO strategies include things like page titles and meta description.
  7. Off-page Clickfunnels SEO is mostly about reputation management and attracting external links.
  8. At SoftwareCy, we have an experienced team of experts in the industry.
Driving Traffic to Your Cyprus Business Website

Best 12 Strategies Driving Traffic to Your Cyprus Business Website

Having a well-designed website is a crucial thing for all businesses in Cyprus. Statistics show that most people make their purchasing decisions by first doing their research online. While most businesses in Cyprus have a website, very few of them are seeing a return on investment. This is simply because their websites cannot be found online. This article looks at a number of strategies you can use to drive traffic to your Cyprus business website.

SEO for Cyprus Website

Search Engine Optimization, which is shortened as SEO, is one of the most important concept that you need to apply to attract quality traffic to your website. SEO is the process in which you optimize your website to enable it rank higher on the major search engines. This is important because most people use the search engines to find information. In addition, when people use search engines, they mostly opt for the results on the first page.

Unfortunately, most companies gain satisfaction because of the aesthetic beauty of their websites. They look at the flashy graphics and they get satisfied. While having a good-looking website is a good thing, it is usually worthless if the intended customers can’t find it. This is why SEO in Cyprus is very necessary.

How the Google Algorithm Works

Google is the most important search engine in the world, with a market share of more than 80%. The other key contenders are the likes of Baidu (in China) and Bing. You need to understand how the Google algorithm works to drive traffic to your Cyprus business website.

Google’s algorithm uses technology to find the most relevant results that people search for. To do this, Google’s crawlers scan the internet every day to find information. It finds websites that have high-quality content and those that other websites are linking to. It also scans the internet to find what people are looking for. As such, the role of an SEO specialist in Cyprus is to find more information about Google’s algorithms and implement it on your site.

Key SEO Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Cyprus Business Website

Website Name

Your website name will play an important role in determining how your website ranks and whether people will visit it after all. Ideally, you should ensure that your website URL is short and memorable. For example, a short URL like is easier to remember than a longer URL like Even if your furniture shop has such a long name, try to shorten it.

Website Speed

The goal of Google is to help users find useful information at the fastest pace. Therefore, the company routinely checks the speed of the websites so that it can provide a higher ranking to the faster ones. To know whether your website speed is good, it is recommended that you use the free Pagespeed Insights tool by Google.

Responsive Website

Most website traffic today comes from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Still, a significant amount of web traffic comes from desktop browsers. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is responsive, which means that it should load well in all screens. You can use the free mobile-friendly test by Google to check whether the website is responsive enough.


Google checks the quality and number of websites that link to your website. When more websites link to your website, it is usually an indication that your content is of good quality. Therefore, you should work to ensure that your website has more links, especially those from quality websites. Doing this will help drive traffic to your Cyprus business website.

Keyword Research

Google uses keywords to rank websites. A keyword is basically the term that you use when searching the internet. For example, when you search restaurants in Limassol, you have just used a keyword to find information. This is an area where many businesses go wrong. If you are targeting Cyprus-based clients, you should tailor your keywords to target this audience.

For example, if you run an interior design company in Limassol, your main keyword should be interior design Limassol and not just interior design. By using a local keyword, you are simply reducing the amount of competition. A good way to find keywords is to just search Google and look at the keywords recommendations.

Website Content

Google prefers websites that are updated regularly. Therefore, you need to carefully update the content of your website with quality content. This content should have unique ideas that will also increase the likelihood of it being shared in social media. A good way to use content to drive traffic to your Cyprus business website is having a blog page, where you will be sharing the content.

Other Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Cyprus Business Website

Search engine optimization is not the only way that you can drive traffic to your website. Other ways you can do so are:

Search Engine Marketing

This is a concept in which you pay search engines some money so that your website can appear top of the results. Two main ways of doing this are through pay per click and pay per impression.

Social Media Marketing

A good number of website traffic comes from social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You can pay some money to these platforms so that you can get this good traffic.

Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is a concept in which you optimize your website for social media. A good way is to share relevant content with your followers. In addition, you can ensure that the ratings of your website on social media are top-notch.

Email marketing

This is a concept where you use email messages to get more people. A good way to build this mailing list is by providing an incentive for people to sign up. For example, you can provide a free ebook or white paper to the subscribers.


If you want to drive traffic to your Cyprus business website, the process will never be easy. This is because there are competitors in all sectors that you are in. These competitors are always trying to look for ways to outrank you. Therefore, consulting with a good SEO company in Cyprus will help you rank higher at a faster rate.


6 Proven Methods to Increase Your Page Speeds for SEO


As the biggest search engine in the world, Google is in the business of convenience. The company aims to provide its searchers with the best answers at the fastest pace. As a result, one unknown thing that determines the ranking of websites Google ranks higher is page speeds. In this, websites that load faster are usually ranked higher than those that lag. This article will explain various ways you can use to get 100% Google page speeds.

Check the Page Speed

First, you need to know whether your speed is lagging or not. This is because, to know where you are going, you need to know where you are. To do this, most content management systems like WordPress and Wix have inbuilt tools that provide this data. Google too has developed a free tool known as PageSpeed Insights, which you can use to check your website speed. The image below shows the speed check of Google itself.

Google Page Speed Insights

Your Web Host Impacts Website Page Speeds

All websites are hosted at website hosts. A web host is a company that provides technologies that are needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. All the website files are stored in the servers of these website hosts. Today, there are many website hosting companies around the world. These companies don’t come equal. Ideally, you should opt for a quality, globally-recognized host with servers in many parts of the world. Some of the most common hosts are companies like GoDaddy, Blue Host, and Hostgator.

Compress Your Images

Images – and other graphical features – are integral in all websites. They help improve the visual appeal of the website and communicate messages to the users. However, these images are the leading causes of slow page loading speed. This is because the large images take a considerable amount of time to be processed. To prevent this situation, you need to compress all your images to ensure that they do not take much space. Some web hosts limit the size of the images to be under 200kb while others recommend 70kb. According to Google, you should use the smallest file sizes possible, without distorting the quality of the image. There are a number of free online tools that will help you reduce the sizes. In addition to this, you should remove the unnecessary images such as backgrounds.

Use Common CMS Platforms

As you build your website, you might decide to start the coding yourself. This is a common practice among the most experienced website designers. However, to save time, it is recommended that you use the common content management systems (CMS) platforms like WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. The benefit of using these platforms is that they have hundreds of developers behind them. These developers have created tools to maximize the speeds of the websites that are built on their platforms. In addition, these platforms have a content delivery system (CDN) behind them.

If you are building the website from scratch, we recommend that you shrink or minimize your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code. According to Google, this is a process in which you ‘remove the unnecessary or redundant data without affecting how the resource is processed by the browser.’

Remove Render-Blocking JavaScript

As a website owner, you want users to view the most important content first. However, some websites are designed in such a way that less important page elements like banners appear first. To do this, there are two main approaches. First, you can make the scripts inlined, in which all the contents of the scripts are added directly to the HTML. As a result, they are only loaded when they are needed. Second, you can use the defer method. This is where you defer Javascript you are delaying until the first essential script loads. This is a viable method for large websites.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Today, more than 60% of all web searches are done on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, optimizing web pages so that they load fast on mobile is an easy method of doing this. In the past few years, Google has been promoting the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Alternatively, you can use the content delivery network (CDN), fully implemented HTTP/2, and progressive web apps technology. To create AMPs, you need to create a template that meets the following guideline.

Website Page Speeds

Source: Google

Final Thoughts on Page Speeds

You have likely visited many websites that take forever to load. We have all been there and it is not pretty. As a website owner, you need to save your users from this agony. The tips explained in this article will help ensure that your website loads faster. To save time and ensure that your website loads faster, we recommend that you use SoftwareCy, the best SEO company in Cyprus.



5 Common Blogging Mistakes That are Costing You Big(ly)

The blog page is an essential part for all websites. It is in these blog pages that companies write and share content with their present and future customers. As a result, many successful companies have leveraged on this concept to increase their leads and conversion. However, many times, most website owners make many blogging mistakes that affect the performance of their businesses. Even with spending a fortune on content, they see no immediate results. So, here are the most common blogging mistakes you are possibly doing and how you can change.

Blogging Mistake #1. You Plagiarize

Many companies outsource the blogging activities to freelancers. As a result, they put their trust in them and allow them to post blogs on their websites without much supervision. The challenge with this is that many freelancing bloggers are usually good at plagiarizing. This is where they copy articles from other websites and post them on your website. Plagiarism is not only unethical, but it is also bad for the website because search engines tend to downgrade the website that has plagiarized materials.

Blogging Mistakes #2: Lack of New Details

A blog should be full of new information that readers will find useful. A common blogging mistake that many users make is that they write plain and generic articles. They write materials that don’t solve a problem or answer important questions. To solve this problem, you need to look at your industry, look at the problems, and then write content with the aim of solving the problems. This will make the readers want to share the content that they read. It will also help web publishers to link to your website.

Blogging Mistakes #3: Being too Formal

A common mistake many bloggers make is that they make their content very formal. As such, when writing, they add too many formal details and professional language. The problem with this is that it tends to make the articles less interesting. The articles also tend to be a bit boring. To solve this, we recommend that you write short articles with informal talks. You can also add some emojis on the articles.

Blogging Mistakes #4: Lack of Keyword Research

All articles that are written should have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) considerations in place. This means that you should consider how the readers will find the article. Therefore, you should always write the articles with the search engines in mind. You should consider doing the following. First, do a keyword research before you start writing the article. Second, you should optimize the articles for some specific keywords. Third, you should optimize the images and other graphics in the article with the keywords you are targeting, and fourth, you should provide internal and external links.

Blogging Mistake #5: Keyword Stuffing

As mentioned, it is very essential to optimize your articles for some specific keywords. These keywords should then be mentioned in the article. However, a common mistake that people make is to have so many mentions of the keyword as they try to game the search engines. Ideally, you should ensure that the keyword is mentioned a few times in the article. This will make the article more interesting to read.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to ensure that your website has a blog or insights page. To succeed, you need to optimize this page so that the articles you write can have a better conversion rate. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article, you will be at a better position to succeed in your business. At SoftwareCy, we are the best SEO company in Cyprus and have a team of qualified content writers who can help bring life to your blog.


3 Reasons Why Local SEO is Your Ultimate Key To Online Success

Creating a website today has become a relatively easy process. This is because of companies like Wix and WordPress that make it easy for anyone to create a website in minutes. This means that there will always be competition in all fields you decide to venture on. Therefore, the need for having a website that is search engine optimized has never been better. If you specialize on local products and services, we recommend focusing on local SEO. At SoftwareCy, we could have focused on these services to a global audience. However, because of the intense competition, this would have been very difficult. For this reason, we decided to optimize our website to SEO services in Cyprus, which is a place we understand well. This article explains why your company should focus on local SEO.

Most People are Looking for Local Information

When you search Google, the company uses geolocation to tailor the results that it gives you. For example, if you are in Cyprus and you search for local news, the results will be tailored specific to that location. The same applies when you search for hotels, restaurants, and shopping stores. Recent studies show that 46% of all web searches are for local information. Also, 97% of people learn more about a local company online than anywhere else while 61% of all mobile searcher are more likely to contact local businesses if they have a mobile site. Therefore, to attract local customers, you need to focus on local SEO for your website.

Less Competition using Local SEO

As explained above, we could have decided to focus on global clients for SEO and website design needs. However, that would have exposed us to intense competition from companies with vast resources than us. As a result, it would have been so difficult for us to appear on the front page of Google. Therefore, we decided to focus on local SEO practices, which has helped us become the top ranked SEO company in Cyprus. This means that we are more likely to get SEO customers than most of our competitors. In fact, 92% of search engine users will pick businesses on the first page of local search results.

You Understand Local Market

Another main reason for focusing on local SEO is that you have a good understanding of the local market. You understand what and how people search and you also understand their needs. For example, if you live in Limassol, you likely understand what the residents of Limassol want and how they search. By focusing on the local SEO practices, you will be at a good position to dominate the local market. Remember, 78% of all local searches lead to an offline purchase.

At SoftwareCy, we are the masters in local SEO for Cyprus and global clients. We have a track record of helping companies of all sizes become successful in the online world. We will be happy to help you dominate your local market. To get started, request a quote and we will respond within a few hours.


The 5 Habits of Successful Content Creators in Cyprus

Content marketing has always been the foundation for all businesses around the world. This is because companies need to have excellent communications with their customers. Indeed, more than 90% of Chief Marketing Offices (CMOs) agree that they incorporate content in almost every aspect of their marketing. This article will explain the most important habits of successful content creators in Cyprus.

Why Content Matters

As you try to communicate with your customers, content marketing plays a very essential role. There are a few reasons why this is the case. First, content helps to increase leads because it empowers the readers to share in social media. When the content is shared, it increases the likelihood of generating additional leads.

Second, content helps to increase your position as a leading authority in your field. It is this reason that companies like Goldman Sachs have an Insights section on their website. In this section, they share their thinking about investments and other areas. The same applies to companies like McKinsey, PwC, and Bain.

Third, content helps companies increase their ranking on the search engines. This is because each article, video, or infographic will be optimized for the search engines and will be easy to find. In fact, Google tends to favor websites that have regular and updated content in its rankings. So, here are the key attributes of the best content creators in Cyprus.

Request a Free SEO Content Quote Here.

  1. Read About their Industry Every Day

To write quality content that resonates with your readers requires to have all the happenings on your industry at your fingertips. For example, financial content creators need to have information on that is happening in their industry. The same is true for SEO and website design specialists. They need to know the recently algorithm changes and how it impacts the rankings. In fashion, the content creators in Cyprus need to know more about what is happening in the industry. The key to know all this is to read a lot on the industry.

  1. Write Regularly

If you are a pilot, you will succeed depending on the number of flight hours you have. If you are a teacher, the more you teach, the more you become a more successful teacher. Similarly, all content creators need to write regularly, which helps them sharpen their skills. As the old saying goes, if you don’t use it, you lose it. Therefore, all successful content creators in Cyprus should continue writing on the regular. You should not lose your momentum.

  1. They Know Their Audience

In content management, audience awareness is key. This is because the audience you are targeting will require specific type of content. For example, if you are targeting the elderly, you will need content that is with a language they can understand. If you are targeting the gen z, you will need content that is compatible with their age. In this, other things you should consider are: age, gender, industry, location, and job title.

  1. Broaden Your Reach

Successful content creators in Cyprus don’t live in a cave. Instead, they broaden their reach. Today, there are many ways of doing this. For example, while you can be a successful content writer, you can also succeed in other social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. You can also succeed in emerging areas like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter. Doing this will help you to broaden your reach and help you become a successful content creator.

  1. Network with other people

Success in the content creation industry require that you network with other people. When you network, you also broaden your reach and learn from other content creators. At SoftwareCy, we value the networks that we generate from other places. For example, our recent sponsorship of the eFx Expo event in Cyprus provided an excellent opportunity for us to network with other people in the industry. We are also partners with companies like Hubshout, which are global leaders in search engine optimization.

At SoftwareCy, we are leaders in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Cyprus. We are one of the biggest agencies in the sector. Our team of content creators will always help you develop quality and intuitive content that will be visible to millions of people. Get in touch with us to get more information about how we can help you on this.


5 Tips to Develop Your Bing SEO Strategy For Your Website

In the search engine business, Bing is a joke. The search platform provided by Microsoft has often been ridiculed for its weak interface and poor results that don’t come close to those offered by Google. However, many people around the world still use Bing for their search. In fact, the search engine makes Microsoft more than $2 billion a year in high margin revenues. This is still lower than Google’s more than $140 billion revenue but it says a lot. This article will explain the best Bing SEO strategy for your business.

Invest in Great Content

As with Google SEO, Bing focuses on content. It uses this content to provide the best answers to the people who use the search engine. Therefore, it is important for your website to have excellent content that answer the relevant queries. A good way to do this is to invest in a blog page on your website. In this page, you will be writing in-depth, accurate, and plagiarism-free content that people will keep on sharing.

Use PubHub

A great way to attract new users to your website is to use the PubHub tool. This is a tool that enables you to reach millions of users by transforming your blog posts into news stories. This is because today, Microsoft is a major news publisher. For example, it owns MSN, which aggregates news from multiple sources. It owns Microsoft Edge browser, which has a news feature and finally, it has Cortana, the voice assistant that is used by millions.

Analyze Your Website

If you already have a website, you should start by analyzing the website. In Bing SEO strategy, the best tool to use is the Bing SEO Analyzer. This is a specially-designed tool that allows to see whether your web pages are well-optimized for the search engine. To do this, you need to visit the website, sign in, and then analyze the site.

Use the Webmaster Tool

While using the SEO analyzer tool is important, you can use the Bing Webmaster Tool to get more data and insights about your website. The tool provides a dashboard that shows you the performance of your site. This includes the most popular pages and the best-performing keywords. It also helps you diagnose the key issues with your website. After getting this data, you can use it to significantly improve your website.

Bing Webmaster Tools

Build External Links

As with Google, Bing views the backlinks to your website as being very important. This is because they show that people are finding the content you have as being of value. Therefore, you should have a good link-building strategy that ensures you get links from high quality companies.

Optimize Images in Bing SEO Strategy

As you develop your Bing SEO Strategy, you should pay attention on how you optimize the graphics in your website. This is because the search engine uses the alt and image description tools to rank your website. As with Google, Bing has a video and image search, which means that the higher your website’s image and video are ranked the better it is for you.

At SoftwareCy, we are experts in optimizing websites for all search engines, including Bing. We partner with companies to create their ideal websites that are optimized well for the search engines. In return, this helps the website owners to reach a wider audience, grow their leads, and slash their customer acquisition costs. Therefore, if you believe that your website needs a new Bing SEO strategy, get in touch with us for a quote and a roadmap to success.


Dissecting Google Search Console and How to Use it in SEO

Google is the world’s most important search engine. The closest competitor, Bing, has a tiny market share in the industry. There are many reasons why Google continues to dominate the industry. For example, it has a name recognition, which means that it is the first name that comes to mind when people think about search. Importantly, Google’s search product is much better than that offered by the peer companies. To provide a better product, the company launched Google Search Console, which is a dashboard that helps website managers improve their search rankings. This article will highlight the most important things that the console can help you with.


Optimize Your Content

Content is the most important thing that Google uses to rank websites. It is important because people use text to perform Google queries. As a result, the role of content in search engine optimization has always been great. In fact, the company regularly uses human verifiers to rate the top answers that it provides. To help developers optimize their web content, the Google Search Console helps them analyze the content by seeing the queries that bring users to the site. It also analyzes the sites impressions, clicks, and the position in Google search. With this tool therefore, you can replace the other paid tools that do the same work.

Submit Content to Google

The Google Search Console will help you to get your content on Google. This is a simple process that allows you to submit the website’s sitemap and individual URL for crawling. While Google can rank your website without manually submitting it to them, it is always recommended to use the manual process to submit it. The console will help you do this faster.

Custom Alerts on Google Search Console

As a website owner, you will always have bugs on your websites. These bugs include things like broken links and slow page loading. With the Google search console, you will receive custom alerts when Google identifies issues on your website. These alerts will be specific and will tell you the URLs that are affected and how you can fix them.

Optimize Your Website

The Google Search Console is useful in optimizing your website. This involves many things. For example, it will check whether the website content is optimized for mobile devices. In recent years, Google has been favoring websites that are fully optimized for mobile because most people use mobile devices to visit the internet. In addition, Google has been promoting the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which load fast. The console will monitor, test, and track your AMP pages and tell you the pages that have been optimized. In addition, the console will help give you rich results such as recipes, jobs, and other structured data. These results will appear in the first page of search.

To apply the Google Search Console, you need to first submit your site to Google and verify the ownership. After that, Google will analyze the website and give you the results you need. While you can do this individually, it is recommended that you use the services of a qualified website and SEO design expert. At SoftwareCy, we are the leading company offering these services. Get in touch with us for a quote.

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Making Sense of Recent Google Algorithm Changes

Google is the world’s most popular search engines while Google’s Android product is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In addition, the company employs almost 100K employees, with most of them focused on improving search. Therefore, regularly, Google tends to implement algorithm changes. This article will explain the recent Google algorithm changes and how they can impact your search rankings.

Reason for Google Algorithm Changes

The main reason why Google conducts regular algorithm changes is to improve the results it provides to its users. Ideally, when you perform a Google search, you want to see the relevant answers first. These answers can help improve your productivity. Another reason for Google algorithm changes is to target developers who try to game the systems. By reigning on these developers, the company can create a better ecosystem for its products. Finally, Google performs regular changes to adapt to the new changes in the internet age.

Overview of Recent Google Algorithm Changes

In May this year, the company announced new changes on how it ranks new websites. In the statement, the company announced that the default ranking of all new websites will be on mobile-first indexing. The new changes will take effect on July 1 this year.

What is Mobile-First Indexing?

Google algorithm changes

Let me take you back. A few years ago, most people used computers to browse the internet. The use of smartphones and tablets was not very common because they were not highly developed. Also, the number of mobile internet users was not very high. A few years ago, after mobile devices became better, more people shifted. Today, more than 3 billion people use smartphones.

To design websites at the time, developers used to build two sites. One was for the mobile while the second was for web. This was challenging because the screen sizes of the smartphones was not the same. This meant that developers had to create multiple websites. A few years ago, the concept of responsive website design started. A responsive website is one that can adapt to all screen sizes.

As the new framework grew, Google started to favor websites that were optimized for mobile. Therefore, the recent Google algorithm changes will ensure that all new websites are indexed using this framework.

As a website owner, you need to do two things. First, you need to use Google’s URL inspection tool that confirms that your website has been indexed. If it is not, you can request Google to index it. You can also see the reasons why Google has not indexed your site.  Second, you can view the rendered version of the page. This helps you to see a screenshot of how Googlebot sees the page. You can also view the loaded resources list. Second, you need to do a free Google mobile test to determine whether your website is optimized for mobile. You can also read the Google resources to see how you can optimize your site for the new Google algorithm changes.

October Google Algorithm Change

Google algorithm change

In October last year, Google announced a new change of its algorithm. In this change, the company announced that it was increasing its focus on how fast websites load. The goal is to ensure that the websites that load fast appear on the top of the search engine. As a website owner, it is essential for you to ensure that your site loads faster. You can use the PageSpeed Insights tool to check how fast your website loads.

Another thing that Google addressed was on the quality of content that it ranks. For years, the company has focused on content to rank the websites. However, many developers have been manipulating the system to ensure that their content ranks higher. To solve that, Google uses third-party human testers, who help to identify the effectiveness of the content its results show.

Why Use SoftwareCY

As a busy business executive, following up on the Google algorithm changes could be a tough thing. To solve that problem, it is recommended that you use the services of a company like SoftwareCY. Doing this will help you focus on your job as we focus on putting your website on the top of the search engines. To get started, get in touch with us using the form in this page.


5 Undisputed Ways of Creating a Good SEO Strategy

The world of business is seeing major changes as digital interruption continues to heat up. These days, all types of industries are seeing competition from well-funded startups that operate globally. This competition has led to an increase in the cost of online marketing. This is because Google and Facebook’s algorithms only display the best-paying ads. Therefore, companies that are experiencing more sales are those that have invested a lot in search engine optimization. This article will explain what you need to know when creating a good SEO strategy.

Need for Research

To rank high on Google, you need to do a lot of research. First, you need to research about the changes that have happened in the industry. For example, this week, Google announced that all websites will be ranked using mobile-first indexing. As it has been for a long time, the company will prioritize websites that are fully optimized for the search engines. Another thing that has emerged is on the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). This technology helps ensure lighting-fast loading of websites. You should also do research on the keywords that do well in your industry when creating a good SEO strategy.

Competitor Research

Regardless of the industry you are in, you will find competitors. For this reason, your SEO goal should be to rank higher than all of them. When you do this, you will have more sales and leads than them. Therefore, you should analyze the strategies they are doing and then do better. This includes things like content outreach and video marketing. Doing this research will give you an edge to be better than them.

Patience when creating good SEO Strategy

A common mistake many people do is to assume that they will create a website today, and appear on the first page of Google in the first week. This is wrong. In fact, we believe that it takes a couple of months before you start to rank that high. Therefore, when creating a good SEO strategy, you should not be in a hurry as it will take time. Before you start ranking, you can still use paid search as a way of attracting customers.

Localize Your Strategy

When creating a good SEO strategy, it is recommended that you localize your approach. If your clients are mostly from Limassol, you should create a search engine optimization strategy that targets these people. Targeting people from many places will be harder for you to rank higher. For example, for our website, we observed that targeting global customers was a tough thing because of the number of website designers that exist. So, we focused on the Cyprus market, where we have continued to see accelerated growth.

A Content Strategy For SEO

As you strive to optimize your website for SEO, content strategy is of great importance. It is this content that will help you propel your site to the first page. By this, we mean all types of content such as text, images, video, white papers, and infographics among others. As a business owner, you should either have a team that does content or outsource these services. The content should also help you establish authority in your industry.

At SoftwareCY, we are experts of SEO. In the past few years, we have helped many large and small companies establish an excellent presence in the search engines. As a result, these companies have continued to grow while slashing their marketing costs. If you want to grow, get in touch with us and a representative will get back to you.