How to Get the Best Quality Business Card Design Cyprus

As an entrepreneur, business executive, entertainer, student, or celebrity, having a business card is essential. The card is so important for two main reasons. First, business contacts have hundreds of business cards. As such, you want yours to stand out in the sea of many. You want it to be memorable. Second, the card will help you with the first impressions when you hand it over to the partners. This article will give more details about why you need a good business card design Cyprus.

Qualities of a Good Business Card

A good business card should have a number of qualities. First, it needs to be simple in nature. A mistake many people make is to have a very complicated business card that has a lot of content and images. In reality, the people you give your card too just want to know your name, your email, phone number, website, and potentially your social media profile.

Second, it needs to be printed on a quality paper. With so many types of paper in the market, it is necessary that your card be printed in the best quality one. Not many people will like keeping a low-quality paper in their card folder. It will also lower your brand reputation.

Third, a good business card design Cyprus should include all the relevant details. It should have your business or brand logo, your company website, your name, home and office phone number, email address, and your social media platforms. Before the card is printed, you should check whether all the details are accurate.

Finally, a good business card should have the themes of your organization. For example, if your company’s theme is purple, you should ensure that your business card has some purple colors.

Business Card Design Mistakes

Now that we have covered some of the qualities of good business card designs, there are a number of mistakes we see often. First, many people share cards that are so complex in design. They put so many details that is often unnecessary. Some put their pictures on the cards while others put additional graphics.

Second, don’t have a QR code on your business card. This is a common mistake we see in modern-day card design. The reality is that very few people have the time to scan a QR especially in the business cards.

Third, you should avoid writing or correcting on the business card. This is a business card design mistake that happens when the details are not correct during printing. Doing this will lower your brand reputation.

Business Card Design Cyprus

Today, the process of designing a business card has been made easier. You don’t need to have experience in using tools like Microsoft Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator among others. Instead, you can use the multiple templates that are available in the internet. However, for companies that need business cards for their staff, it is necessary to have a good company to help you with that. At SoftwareCy, we are passionate about design. We love everything to help our customers have an excellent online and offline presence. Our award-winning business card design Cyprus products will help you achieve that.


A Guide on Efficient Corporate Branding in Cyprus

A corporate identity is an important aspect of all businesses. It is the cornerstone of all visual communications and companies spend a fortune on it. Think about a company like Twitter, and the way you can recognize it by just looking at its logo. Think of all the other companies that you identify when you look at their logos. Examples of these are corporate titans like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Adobe. This article will explain briefly the steps you need to follow in corporate branding in Cyprus.


While this step may seem obvious, it is the cornerstone of any corporate branding strategy. This research will help you know the best colors to chose for your company, the best themes, the optimal fonts, and the best icons to use. It will also help you study and analyze the competition, which will help you do something better. With the internet, the process of doing this research is significantly easy. As you do this, you should focus on the various corporate branding things such as:

Website Design

A website is probably the most important things as you build your brand. It is so important because it is the first thing that people see when they interact with your company. If the website design is not good, then there are chances that your corporate branding in Cyprus will be off to a bad start.

Business Cards

A business card is very important, especially as you use networking to grow and improve your business. As you grow your network, you will need to hand out the cards to people you meet in events and conferences. Therefore, you need to have a good business card that is designed well.

Logo Design

As mentioned above, we often recognize many companies because of their logos. A good logo design will help improve your corporate branding in Cyprus. Ideally, the logo should be simple, easy to remember, have simple icons, and be in two-dimension. It should appear well even when it is printed using a black and white surface.


As you grow your business, you will need to share what you do with people in the physical world. As a result, when this happens, a brochure can come in handy. It will be an essential part in corporate branding in Cyprus.

Get a Qualified Corporate Branding In Cyprus

While you can do all these things by yourself, it is recommended that you use the services of a good branding team in Cyprus. First, the team has the experience and expertise of creating quality designs. Second, the team will save you a lot of money. Third, using the team will help you increase your focus o the business. Finally, having a team will keep you up to date on the changing landscape of corporate branding.

At SoftwareCy, we have been in corporate branding for almost five years. Our team of experienced designers have a combined experience of more than 50 years. We have worked with the biggest companies in Cyprus to help them boost their brand. Today, most of our customers have seen increased sales and visibility because of the work we have done. Use this link to get a quote.


4 Reasons to Outsource Graphic Design Services in Cyprus

In recent years, graphic design has become one of the most important features for modern businesses. It is through graphic design that companies are able to share better-looking images on social media. It is also through design that websites and other adverts are more appealing. Therefore, as a business leader or entrepreneur, the biggest question is on whether you should create your team of graphic designers or hire a firm that specializes on that. This article will explain why you should consider outsourcing graphic design services in Cyprus.

Financial Sense of Outsourcing Graphic Design Services in Cyprus

First, hiring a graphic design service in Cyprus makes financial sense to you as a company. This is because, when you hire design staff, you will be responsible for their salaries, medical insurance, and other issues. When you hire a graphic design company like SoftwareCY, you will not be responsible for these additional expenses. Still, you will get all your deliverables on time and you will continue running your business as normal. In addition, you will save costs that come with graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Focus on Your Business

Did you know that Whatsapp uses Twilio for SMS verification? It pays the company more than $30 million a year for that. Since Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, it has its own resources to develop an SMS verification tool but they have not. The reason is that outsourcing these services has more advantages for the company. Similarly, outsourcing graphic design services in Cyprus can help you focus on your business. If you have a furniture store, you can focus on creating new designs and if you are a travelling agency, you can focus on growing the agency.

Diversify Your Ideas

If you are a firm with a graphic design team already, outsourcing will help the team diversify your ideas. By using the work of a graphic design services in Cyprus, your team will get input from an unbiased party on their ideas. As a company, we have helped so many corporations in the country diversify the graphic design solutions.

More Services

When you contract a company that specializes on graphic design, you will likely get one that offers additional services. We are a good testament to that. While we offer our customers quality graphic design services, we also provide them with website and SEO-related services. By combining these services, we are at a good position of providing our customers with custom-made services that are holistic in nature. For example, for a new company or one that is branding, we can create for them graphics like logos, brochures, banners, billboards, as well as web-related services like website design.

There are other benefits of outsourcing the graphic design services in Cyprus. As the leading graphic and web design agency in the country, we have helped so many companies in these areas. Our team is highly experienced and in our portfolio, you can see some of the work that we have done for our past customers.


5 Qualities of a Good Logo Design Cyprus

Brand awareness is one of the most important things that corporate executives think about every day. To a large extent, a company’s logo is one of the best representations of its brand. Think about the famous brands like Toyota, BMW, Apple, and Mercedes and how their logos have become important for their brands. Similarly, as a business, it is important for you to have a good and memorable logo. This article explains the qualities of a good logo design Cyprus.


Think about all the famous logos like Apple, Asana, and Google. A common characteristics about these designs is how simple they are. The benefits of having a simple design is that they tend to be memorable, they are easy to draw, and they are easy to scale. For example, anyone can draw the Apple logo shown below.


Logos are used in many places like websites, apps, business cards, brochures, and magazines among others. As such, it is important that the logo design you create is able to be scaled on all these platforms. The logo design Cyprus company that you use should have the tools in place that will help craft a scalable design.


As mentioned, a logo is the first thing that people think about when they remember your company. As such, it should be unique in that it should not resemble that of another company. For example, in the Apple logo shown above, there is no need to say which company it belongs to. Because of its uniqueness, anyone can recognize it and the company it belongs to.

Look Good When Printed

A few years ago, designers around the world were enthusiastic about the 3-dimensional logos. They believed that they were the future. In fact, some large companies like Microsoft moved to create 3D logos. However, these designs did not work because of how difficult they were to print. Therefore, while the logo might look good on a computer, you should also think about how it will appear on printed surface.


Every day, customers interact with hundreds of brands. They are bombarded with hundreds of brands seeking their attention. For this reason, you should create a design that is memorable. A design that they can remember easily. In fact, large companies have mastered this art. For example, when Dropbox recently tweaked their logo, they only changed the font. This is because people were already used to their traditional logo and colors.

Represent Your Brand

The logo you design to use should be a good representative of your brand. For example, if you are a furniture company, people should easily recognize that you deal with furniture even before learning more about you. The same is true if you run a fashion store or a phone repair company. In addition, the colors used should be the same as those that represent your brand. For example, if the theme of your website is blue, your logo should have some blue in it.

Why you need a good logo design Cyprus company?

These days, you can use the free logo design websites apps and websites that are on the internet to create your own design. The problem with these platforms is that they are used by milions of people, which means that your design will not be unique. Therefore, getting a good logo design company will help you have a good, attractive, and unique logo design.

At SoftwareCY, we are passionate about our customers’ brands. Our team works with our existing and new customers to create for them the best logos that help them standout.


Qualities of a Good Billboard Design Cyprus

These days, most companies are shifting their marketing budgets to the online world. This is because billions of people use the famous websites like Google and Facebook. Online marketing is also effective because of the analytics and the specific targeting that comes with it. While this is happening, other offline marketing methods are thriving. In Cyprus, billboards are still thriving. So, these are the qualities of a good billboard design Cyprus.

Why Billboard Design Cyprus

While most companies are preferring digital marketing, there are a number of merits for offline methods like billboards. First, billboards situated along busy streets are usually more cost effective than other forms of adverts. This is because the cost per a thousand views is relatively lower. Second, billboards help your company stand out in this competitive age. Third, they are important in bringing more traffic to your website and social media platforms. Fourth, they are free to the target market because they don’t have to buy newspapers or a cinema ticket. Finally, since billboards stay for many days, they get ingrained in the people’s memories because of their repetitive nature.

Be visible to the users

A good billboard design should be large enough to ensure that the users see it. The words and images on the board should also be clear. This means that the fonts should be large enough. Also, they should be of a bigger size. This is because most of the audience of the billboards are usually drivers, who have just a second to look at it.

Short and Brief

A billboard is not a place to write a lot of things about the product, company, or event that you are promoting. As mentioned, the target market don’t have the time and the capability to read it. Instead, it should be short and clear. In fact, the key message should be in six words or less. The rule is, don’t tell it, show it.

Be Loud

Your billboard should be as loud as possible. This is because people tend to be attracted to loud colors when used in this type of advertising. Therefore, a billboard design should not be made of dull colors like black and brown. Use loud colors like red, yellow, and green.

Know Your Target

Like in all forms of advertising, it is very important for you to know your target market. A billboard targeting the millennials should be different from one targeting the Gen Z and the older generation. As such, the language used should be easy to understand to the people you are targeting.

Be accurate

When designing the billboard, your team needs to take time and reread everything that is written. Ensure that the grammar is correct. Also, ensure that the website, email address, and the phone numbers are correct. You don’t want the target to reach a dead end. Also, ensure that these details are written using large fonts.

Billboard Design Company Cyprus

If you don’t have any experience in billboard design, you should get a company like SoftwareCy that specializes on these designs. The company counts some of the biggest companies in Cyprus as their clients. The designs will be excellent and they will also save your organization money in the long term.



Why Businesses Need Graphic Design Cyprus Services

The number of websites and services available online is constantly growing, which means that businesses have to deal with more competition than ever. No matter what industry you choose, establishing a proper online presence should be one of your top priorities for growing your company and increasing sales and revenue. Therefore, make sure to invest in graphic design Cyprus services in order to grow your business and create a website that will generate sales and conversions.

Why Does Graphic Design Matter?

The number one mistake when it comes to running a business is neglecting the importance of marketing and online presence. Graphic design is a major part of your overall marketing plan and brand image. In other words, without high-quality visuals, you won’t be able to take place your business on the right path in terms of earning trust from your customers and creating long-lasting relationships.

Graphic design plays a huge role in the overall success of any company. When a potential customer visits your website, the first thing they will notice are the visual features on the screen. These include headings, cover images, logos, leaflets, and other types of visuals. Customers often base their decisions on the quality of your website and the content related to your business.

Therefore, high-quality graphic design components will significantly impact your business. They will help customers relate to your services and increase your overall profits. Another reason why business owners should look for graphic design Cyprus services is the importance of company branding.

Company branding plays an important role in creating and sending the right message to the world. In order to set your business up for success, you need to create an image or logo that will represent it. The company’s logo must match the rest of the branding components in order to create a well-structured image. Putting effort into company branding and graphic design will increase the credibility of your business, improve conversion rates, as well as result in better relationships with the clients.

Where to Find Graphic Design Cyprus Services?

The key to growing your business and getting your website seen and remembered is to seek for professional graphic design services. One of the most successful graphic design service providers are the experts at Softwarecy, a top-ranking digital marketing agency based in Cyprus. Their team of professional graphic designers will work with you to create the right image for your brand and help you gain the results you are looking for.

Their expertise stretches across a wide list of services, including the design of advertisements, billboards, leaflets, business cards, and any other type of business-related visuals. Improving the quality of visuals on your website can put your business on the map and help you close more deals at higher rates. Nowadays, customers believe in visuals and it is your duty as the business owner to provide them the content they are looking for. Contact graphic design Cyprus experts at Softwarecy for more information on how you can take the company’s branding and visuals to the next level.