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5 Common Blogging Mistakes That are Costing You Big(ly)

The blog page is an essential part for all websites. It is in these blog pages that companies write and share content with their present and future customers. As a result, many successful companies have leveraged on this concept to increase their leads and conversion. However, many times, most website owners make many blogging mistakes that affect the performance of their businesses. Even with spending a fortune on content, they see no immediate results. So, here are the most common blogging mistakes you are possibly doing and how you can change.

Blogging Mistake #1. You Plagiarize

Many companies outsource the blogging activities to freelancers. As a result, they put their trust in them and allow them to post blogs on their websites without much supervision. The challenge with this is that many freelancing bloggers are usually good at plagiarizing. This is where they copy articles from other websites and post them on your website. Plagiarism is not only unethical, but it is also bad for the website because search engines tend to downgrade the website that has plagiarized materials.

Blogging Mistakes #2: Lack of New Details

A blog should be full of new information that readers will find useful. A common blogging mistake that many users make is that they write plain and generic articles. They write materials that don’t solve a problem or answer important questions. To solve this problem, you need to look at your industry, look at the problems, and then write content with the aim of solving the problems. This will make the readers want to share the content that they read. It will also help web publishers to link to your website.

Blogging Mistakes #3: Being too Formal

A common mistake many bloggers make is that they make their content very formal. As such, when writing, they add too many formal details and professional language. The problem with this is that it tends to make the articles less interesting. The articles also tend to be a bit boring. To solve this, we recommend that you write short articles with informal talks. You can also add some emojis on the articles.

Blogging Mistakes #4: Lack of Keyword Research

All articles that are written should have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) considerations in place. This means that you should consider how the readers will find the article. Therefore, you should always write the articles with the search engines in mind. You should consider doing the following. First, do a keyword research before you start writing the article. Second, you should optimize the articles for some specific keywords. Third, you should optimize the images and other graphics in the article with the keywords you are targeting, and fourth, you should provide internal and external links.

Blogging Mistake #5: Keyword Stuffing

As mentioned, it is very essential to optimize your articles for some specific keywords. These keywords should then be mentioned in the article. However, a common mistake that people make is to have so many mentions of the keyword as they try to game the search engines. Ideally, you should ensure that the keyword is mentioned a few times in the article. This will make the article more interesting to read.

Final Thoughts

It is very important to ensure that your website has a blog or insights page. To succeed, you need to optimize this page so that the articles you write can have a better conversion rate. By avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this article, you will be at a better position to succeed in your business. At SoftwareCy, we are the best SEO company in Cyprus and have a team of qualified content writers who can help bring life to your blog.