November 2018


The period between 22nd and 24th of January, 2019, marks a special event on calendars of business professionals from all over the world. Over these three days, [...]

October 2018

Google + Shut Down

Following the recent events related to a security breach on Google +, Google has announced that they are initiating the shut down of the platform. Namely, Google [...]

August 2018

Building Backlinks Dos and Don’ts

As backlinking is one of the main factors you need to focus on in order to improve your search engine optimization, there is no doubt that you [...]

Anchor Text Tips Improve SEO

In today’s busy digital world there is no point in having a website if it doesn’t rank high on Google search. If your site doesn’t have a [...]

July 2018

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Without proper search engine optimization, your site will be ranked so low on Google search that you will generate little to no organic traffic at all. Why [...]

GMB Offers in Organic Search Results

As you may have already known, Google is constantly making changes for the sake of improving their search results. This is a real nightmare for those trying [...]