The period between 22nd and 24th of January, 2019, marks a special event on calendars of business professionals from all over the world. Over these three days, Conversion Pros are going to host another annual IFX Expo event with the aim to form new and renew old connections between businesses and leading service providers. The IFX Expo Asia 2019 is going to take place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center where hundreds of exhibitors are going to present their products and services.


We are officially announcing that SoftwareCy is going to be attending the IFX EXPO Asia 2019 as one of the most prominent marketing service providers based in Limassol, Cyprus.ifx expo asia 2019

By attending the convention, we are actively aiming to expand our reach and connect with business in need of marketing services. The IFX EXPO Asia 2019 is the perfect opportunity to achieve these aims, as the event is going to be attended by several thousands of professionals and business owners. Ever since the founding of SoftwareCy in 2014, we have actively pursued wider exposure in terms of offering our premium services to world-known companies and CEOs.

As the largest B2B convention in the world, IFX EXPO Asia 2019 will offer attendees an unmatched experience when it comes to understanding the latest technology trends and taking a step ahead in the industry. Being surrounded by executives from numerous fields, including marketing, finance, trading, and investment, is going to open up major opportunities for SoftwareCy as one of the premium marketing service providers at the event. Furthermore, the value and exposure this convention offers will allow our company to take a step further in providing services on a global scale.

This upscale event is supported by numerous world-known sponsors, including Scope Markets, Inflyx, OSL, Reserved, and USG. On top of that, the three day convention will be attended by many potential partners as well as industry peers coming from all parts of the globe. We are eager to announce our attendance and participation at the upcoming IFX EXPO Asia 2019 convention in Hong Kong.

XSCORES Livescores As One of SoftwareCy Clients

xscores livescores

As a company that provides exceptional SEO services, we are glad to announce that we serve xscores.com as one of our clients. Xscores.com is one of the leading  providers of real-time sports fixtures and results . Their website includes data such as livescores, schedules, and statistics related to worldwide sports events, from major sports divisions to the less popular leagues. It is our pleasure to take care of their search engine optimization process, as well as create keywords and write content for their website. XSCORES has completely relied on us and our professional services when it comes to website ranking in search engines.

Our company SoftwareCy offers effective search engine optimization services, providing clients with a professional and timely service. We take pride in assisting clients who want to get their website seen by millions of people on Google search. Our professional SEO experts take care of the whole process, from keyword research to content writing. Search engine optimization or SEO for short is a complex marketing strategy that requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Through effective SEO practices, a company can enhance their online presence by ranking their website higher on search engines such as Google. To achieve a higher search engine ranking, the website must contain plenty of high quality content that targets specific keywords. Along with keyword placement and content structure, the topic and tone of writing play a crucial role when it comes to achieving visible results.

If you are looking for ways to rank your website higher on Google or other search engines, you must consider implementing search engine optimization strategies. Keep in mind that SEO requires more than simple content creation and that it takes months if not years to rank your website to the first page of Google without any SEO experience. Thus, it is best to partner with a digital agency that offers SEO services. Contact us at softwarecy.com and we will get in touch with you to discuss how our SEO experts can help prove your business and online presence as well!

Visit their website on https://www.xscores.com

Google + Shut Down

Following the recent events related to a security breach on Google +, Google has announced that they are initiating the shut down of the platform. Namely, Google + had a major security flaw that recently caused a chaos among its users. To be specific, the mistake in their system exposed user information, which affected over 500 000 Google + users.

This security issue surfaced in March 2018, following a series of unexpected actions made by the large corporation. Namely, Google was aware of the security flaw in their system. However, assuming that no one actually gained access to people’s information, they decided to keep quiet when it comes to this problem. This decision may have backfired on them, as they are currently facing the consequences.

Not informing the users of a potential security threat is against all online privacy laws. Judging by their actions, Google didn’t have much choice left but to completely shut down the service. However, shutting down Google + is going to take a while, since it is a massive, global service used in almost every country in the world. Google has officially announced that they are going to shut down the consumer version of the Google + platform, partially because of the security issue and partially because of low engagement.

Even if the security issue never surfaced, Google + would probably come to an end because of low usage, as the company’s statistics show that over 90% of all Google + sessions last less than five seconds in total. However, they are going to keep the service running for enterprise customers, that is, those who are planning to use Google + as a means of communication among co-workers and business teams.

Even despite the recent security issues, Google has announced that they are keeping this part of the service alive and they will even release several updates and new features for enterprise users. Moreover, the process of shutting down Google + is going to take around 10 months but once it is done, the platform will be completely shut down and  unavailable for regular consumers.

SoftwareCy Participating in Innovators Roadshow by business reactor

Innovators Roadshow by business reactor

SoftwareCy has moved on to another level by participating in Innovators Roadshow by Business Reactor! Roadshow by Business Reactor, is a multi–location event designed only for pioneers determined to change corporations and industries. Should be mentioned that Roadshow by business Reactor it is an exceptional venue where senior executives from around the world are travelling to this globe meeting. Corporate innovators are on the road to meet cutting – edge technology and find ready-to-use solutions that will enable them to create value within their Business, to offer a variety of products, to improve efficiency and enhance customers. Also, a detailed agenda is always available upon request regarding the event. Substantial technological companies are looking to connect or to get linked with global leaders of the industry to find possible partnerships and new opportunities to grow. Attendees all over the world, board members, corporate executives and senior managers are looking to explore what Roadshow by Business Reactor has to offer to their industry, how to increase revenue or how to compare and prioritise technology initiatives.

SoftwareCy: How and why has participating to Roadshow by Business Reactor

Roadshow by Business Reactor is an event where innovators can only participate in an exclusive invitation. SoftwareCy has been selected and invited by senior executives that they have recognised the qualifications and the exceptional services that we provide! It is of high importance to indicate that it is a pleasure and honour for us to participate in such a worldwide venue with other senior executives.

As a leading Software company in Cyprus, we are cheerful to provide our services not only locally but worldwide. According to this amazing venue, SoftwareCy will be delighted to offer any SEO or Website Design services to locals as well. Those who will be interested they can contact us for an appointment where we will be able to explain and supply all of our remarkable facilities.

Last but not least, all of our photos, videos or any other newsfeeds from this fantastic event, will be announced and provided through our social media.


Make Your Website GDPR Cyprus Compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation or the GDPR is expected to come in effect on May 25th 2018. The new privacy regulation law will majorly affect the digital marketing industry, as well as website designs and integrations. According to the GDPR Cyprus law, all companies whose website doesn’t already comply to the new set of regulations will have to introduce major changes in order to follow the privacy laws and restrictions.

Not only that the GDPR Cyprus is going to impact the design of your website but it will also affect the way you utilize other applications and track digital activity. The whole idea behind the new regulation law is to protect people’s personal data, which includes everything from their name and home address to their email address. In other words, the new law will require all businesses to offer transparent explanations and evidence of personal data usage and to give their audience complete freedom in choosing to opt-in or opt-out of different marketing campaigns and newsletters.

How to make your website comply to GDPR Cyprus

Violation of the new law is going to lead to strict fines, which can sum up to over 20 million Euros. In order to avoid large fines, you should check your website to make sure it complies to all new regulations. Even though some sites have already followed these rules before the GDPR, it is better to check yours before it’s too late.

The number one concept of the new regulation is allowing the audience to actively give consent to certain actions. Most sites used to take advantage of pre-ticked consent boxes when asking visitors to subscribe to the newsletter and most visitors would give their consent without even noticing it because the box was already ticked. From now on, any inaction of that sort won’t be considered legal consent. The visitor will have to actively tick the consent boxes themselves if they want to accept your offer or request.

Furthermore, all requests for a visitor’s consent must be given separately. You can no longer ask the visitor to accept the Terms and Conditions and give their permission for contact by ticking the same consent box. These consent requests will have to be separated so that the reader has a clear view of what they are consenting to. This also allows for better user experience in general so it will definitely benefit your site.

GDPR Cyprus

Besides transparent consent forms, the already subscribed users must have a clear and easily accessible way to unsubscribe, that is, opt-out of your subscription. The process of cancelling a subscription should be simple and fast, without requiring any additional information. The subscribers will have to have the option to either partially unsubscribe from some forms of communication or to stop the communication completely.

It will no longer be enough to mention “third-parties” in your web forms but you must name each party the user is giving consent to. You will also have to check the Terms and Conditions and the privacy notice of your site. Make sure all the information is transparent, concise and straightforward. Any inconsistency may be considered a violation of the GDPR Cyprus law.

Make sure to clearly explain what type of personal data the website retains, how long it keeps it stored and what the company does with all that information. To make things easier, you can use the sample of a correct privacy notice provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office. If your site accepts payments you will have to make sure it does not retain any personal data while passing it through to the transaction gateway. If your site is catching any of the users’ personal data related to payments, that is considered a strict violation of the new law. In that case you have to modify the site and program it to remove all data within 30 days.

Last but not least, you have to make sure you list all the third party applications you use to track the site’s success and visitors’ behavior on it. This includes any third party marketing automation software, including call tracking and lead tracking apps. Even though the providers of these applications promise their tools are GDPR compliant, you should still check all your contracts carefully to make sure you don’t miss out on something. Using third party programs brings along many GDPR compliance risks so make sure you read every detail of your agreement with them.

It is mandatory for every business to check whether their site meets the GDPR requirements. The law is going to come in effect on May 25th of 2018 and all businesses violating its new rules will face strict fines. If you are curious about the ways you can ensure your site is GDPR Cyprus compliant or you need help regarding the regulations, feel free to contact us!

SEO For Doctors

In Today’s digital era, people are becoming incumbent on the internet whether for lifestyle shopping, booking a flight ticket, searching the nearest restaurant or hiring a doctor etc. The research says that 3 out 4 patients find their doctor by online search so as making a prior appointment with an experienced and professional doctor.

And this requires having an online presence of doctors in the form of high quality and informative website that can perform well in search engine and can be found easily by the patients in the local as well as in the global market. For better results, the website must be appeared on the top page of the search engine because not more than 20% users turn the second page of search engine.

Increase the Outreach of Patients In Cyprus By SEO Services

SEO is the most powerful strategy through you can expose your medical services as no one hires your services until you promote it among your targeted marketplace. Numerous doctors in Cyprus are taking the recourse of SEO in order to increase the outreach of patients so that as a doctor you can boost your business performance and eventually increase the revenue.

How SEO Works

SEO or search engine optimization helps users to search the desired content or information over the web. The search engine is such a great way to outreach your potential customers who are seeking or searching the products or service that you offer. It helps you out to lead your website in the eyes of the targeted customers.

By implementing the search engine practices on your website, your site will get higher ranking which in turn you will get more visitors or traffic on your site. The more traffic means more appointments or patients at your clinic.
SEO is the technique that leads your site on the first page of the search engine and when a user searches your matching products or services, your site appears them and in a result, you get success in boosting the visit of patients at your doorstep. However, the top search engine ranking can be obtained by hiring SEO or Digital Marketing Company in Cyprus that uses their experience, skills and common sense to deliver the most appropriate SEO strategy.
Thus, do not stay back in the current competitive marketplace, hire the SEO services and boost your website ranking in order to grab more traffic of your potential customers on your website. More traffic will help you to increase the outreach of the visitors what are seeking the medical services or treatment what you offer.

Why should a lawyer’s office have a website and SEO services in Cyprus?

SEO For Lawyers

Like any other service, when consumers seek more information, most people tend to look online for definite answers. Furthermore, at some point or the other, your potential clients will turn to a search engine to acquire the right information and data. Today, Search engine optimisation (SEO) for lawyers ranks amongst the most competitive verticals in the SEO world. Google is without a shadow of a doubt, the easiest way to drive clients to a law firm.

On paper, all law firms tend to look similar and it’s hard to distinguish one apart from the other. How you represent your law firm online will eventually be a reflection of the kind of clients you attract and finally represent. Zeroing in on the apt SEO professional for your law firm is a crucial decision that can have a huge impact on your firm’s visibility online. The goal of any law firm’s marketing campaign is not only helping to bring in new clients but also fostering a competitive and high-quality reputation in the legal space. Hence, it becomes paramount that you hire a reputed & skilled SEO firm to do your bidding and create a website that fulfils all your SEO-related requirements in Cyprus while also catering to your firm’s specific strengths.

While hiring a professional SEO firm can help create a unique digital brand for your law firm and a website that demands attention, an unskilled SEO has the ability to potentially damage your site’s professional reputation irrevocably. Therefore, before entrusting an SEO firm with your SEO needs, we highly recommend that you do diligent research.

With every passing year, the number of law firms who are increasing their expenditure on online marketing continues to rise. As the competitiveness of the legal industry continues getting tougher, if you want to play in the highly competitive online space, you will need to have a brilliant SEO company by your side to compete and help you generate cases on a consistent basis. Therefore, to ensure great online visibility for your practice, make sure you hire someone with a proven history of getting results in the legal industry. Moreover, by incorporating the following SEO tactics, you can help improve your law firm website’s visibility in Google search results while also increasing your overall organic exposure:

• Having a mobile-optimized website
• Focusing on specific keywords, but not overdoing it
• Getting into lawyer directories
• Making use of bulleted lists to spread your content.

Hopefully, making use of the above-mentioned information will help you get started on the path to take over your practice area’s search results. Additionally, this will also help in transforming your firm from a generic legal practice to a more personable firm, with a distinct point of view while handing you an insight on how to proceed with confidence in the digital world.

Why Re-Marketing is the Future of Lead Generation

What Is Remarketing?

Remarketing is the paid marketing technique that is used to outreach those specific audiences who visited your website previously in order to obtain the higher return on investment.
It’s simply another way of paid advertising that helps you out to reconnect the already visited audience by showing the relevant ads based on their previous search history or activities what they performed on your website.

Why Businesses Drive Remarketing Campaign?

Remarketing helps business individuals to build a brand and to promote it in the targeting market by just reminding the already visited audience to return to your website and make a purchase. It is such future of the lead generation.
Here are more benefits enlightened down that proves why businesses use Remarketing:
To Outreach Highly Targeted Audience
By driving the Remarketing campaign, you can call the specific audience that shown interest in your products previously. It creates vigilance about your products or services in the mind of targeted audience and if they are serious buyers then, there may be a possibility of making the purchase.

Boost Conversion Rate

Most of the visitors do not convert into buyers after the first visit to your business site. When you adopt Remarketing technique, it exposes your brand and leads it to the higher conversion rates. By keeping your brand at the top of the visitors’ mind, you enhance the chances of the future sale.

Lower Cost Online Advertising

Retargeting Ads are such a cost-effective way to outreach the potential customers. Similar to PPC or CPC, Retargeted Ads cost you when the user clicks on your Ads. Here, you will get the more targeted audience that has more chances to be converted into buyers. Hence, it reduces loss because only interested people will return back your site.
How Remarketing Works
When it comes to Remarketing, Google and Facebook play a crucial role in outreaching your potential customers. Let us know about each one:

Google Remarketing

Google Remarketing is a powerful online marketing strategy to get your Ads in front of the audience that matters. It enables you to make your marketing campaign more effective and money saving because here you are not putting your business Ads out of the broad field.

Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing is the way to re-engage the users who have visited your site before. This Remarketing campaign can be started with lower cost in comparison to other online marketing ways and allows you to drive higher conversions.
Thus, Remarketing campaign is driven to catch the eyes of your most potential customers. Through this, you provide the next opportunity to the targeted audience to complete their purchasing cycle that eventually helps you in lead generation.