Building Backlinks Dos and Don’ts

As backlinking is one of the main factors you need to focus on in order to improve your search engine optimization, there is no doubt that you should put extra effort into collecting links. However, there are several things you need to be aware of, including spam links that shouldn’t be ignored. That’s why in this article we’ve focused on building backlinks dos and don’ts to help you get the best out of backlinking and search engine optimization in general.


The Most Important Building Backlinks Dos and Don’ts

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#1 Avoid spammy links

The first thing you should never do is allow low authority sites to provide links for you. Hackers often hack sites in order to obtain links and thus earn money from people looking for help with backlinking. Google doesn’t look for the number of links you have anymore. Instead, it checks the quality of your links and the authority of the site they’re coming from.


#2 Invisible Text

The next thing you should never do when it comes to backlinking is use invisible text. Some people try to trick Google by getting backlinks through invisible texts from other sites. The publishers of those sites make the text links the same color as the background of the site, meaning the links are invisible to the viewer but visible to Google’s crawlers. This is not the right way to build backlinks and improve your SEO, especially since Google is getting smarter in recognizing these hacks.


#3 Paid links

There’s no doubt that paying for links is the fastest way to build backlinks to your site. However, it is not the most effective one since Google mainly looks for natural links. In order to have your site ranked higher, you need to build natural links over a period of time and focus on their quality instead of quantity.


Instead of wasting your time on the above mentioned hacks that aren’t effective, put your valuable time and effort into building natural links gradually. Make sure to focus on obtaining links from higher authority sites, rather than those of low authority. One link from a high authority site is worth more than ten links from a low authority one. To build natural links for your site, you can use one of the following methods: PPT7PDF submission, directory submission, bookmarking, and video and article submission to other sites and platforms.


Link building is a very strategic part of search engine optimization and it requires knowledge and patience. For the best results when it comes to improving SEO, you should hire a professional SEO consultant or look for professional search engine optimization services that will get your site ranked on top of Google search!

Anchor Text Tips Improve SEO

In today’s busy digital world there is no point in having a website if it doesn’t rank high on Google search. If your site doesn’t have a high ranking, chances are you are losing customers and opportunities for making a profit. Your competitors are the ones who benefit from all the potential customers who search for specific products or  services because their sites appear on the first page of Google search. Therefore, there’s no doubt you need to start putting focus on improving the SEO of your site.


One of the key aspects of proper search engine optimization is backlinking, along with other major strategies such as keyword optimization. Backlinking is the most effective way to optimize your site and make it rank higher on Google. Even though it may sound complicated, backlinking is actually very simple, as long as you follow the right tips and advice.


In a nutshell, backlinking is a strategy that includes using links from various sources such as high authority domains. The higher authority links you have connected to your site, the higher are the chances the site will rank on the first page of Google search. It is best to use reliable link sources to improve your SEO because those links add a certain amount of credibility to your site.


Which Anchor Text Tips Improve SEO?

We have put together a few backlinking tips to help you give your site a boost in terms of SEO rankings. For starters, you should be aware of the common mistakes when placing anchors throughout the text. Avoid linking external sources through direct target keywords. Keywords shouldn’t be mixed with backlinking, as those are two different SEO strategies.

Try to include more naked urls into your site’s content. A naked url is basically a link without anchor text, meaning the reader sees a full link instead of a hyperlinked word. The reason you should focus on naked urls is because studies have shown that sites featuring these types of urls generally have a higher ranking on Google.

Another thing you should keep in mind is that including brand names as anchor text for a link gives your site a significant boost in terms of ranking. However, including a variety of anchor text types won’t hurt your SEO. You can even use long tail keywords as anchors but make sure to place more importance on naked urls and brand names.

Overall, backlinking is a crucial part of a proper search engine optimization strategy. It is important not to neglect this part of SEO because it can significantly affect your search engine ranking. If your goal is converting more leads into clients and directing organic traffic to your site, bacinking is definitely something you should focus on, or invest in. For best results, it is recommended to invest into professional search engine optimization services to improve your site’s ranking. Contact us to learn more on how our professionally trained staff members and SEO experts can help your business reach a wider audience and generate more profit!

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Without proper search engine optimization, your site will be ranked so low on Google search that you will generate little to no organic traffic at all. Why does this matter? Well, while your site is at the bottom of the page, your competitors are picking up all the customers and gaining enormous profits on people who find their businesses through Google search.

Therefore, if you want your site to be able to compete with other businesses, you should focus on improving your search engine optimization and ranking it higher on Google search. To do so, you need to avoid making some of the most common mistakes people make in hopes to rank their site faster. What you need to understand is that ranking your site on Google takes time and any attempt to cheat the system will only result in rank drops, that is, your site dropping to a lower ranking.


The Most Important SEO Mistakes to Avoid

#1 Focusing on quantity

Many people believe that their site will rank higher on Google if they collect tons of random links from all over the internet. However, that’s not how backlinking works. Google actually prefers links lesser in quantity but higher in quality, meaning it is better to have a dozen of high quality links from authority sites than hundreds of random links from low authority sites. Therefore, focus on gaining high quality links that will give authority to your site and make sure to include proper anchor texts. The anchor text lets Google know what your content is about, so make sure to keep it as related to the page as possible.

#2 Building links in a bulk

We’ve already mentioned that building tons of random links is not very beneficial for your site. However, it is also important to mention that you cannot build your links in a bulk, that is, just randomly build a ton of links at the same time. In order for your backlinking strategy to be effective, you need to build your links gradually, over time. Consistent link building is far more effective than building in bulk, so make sure you’re doing it right!

#3 Plagiarized content

We still don’t understand why some people think it is okay to copy someone’s content and post it onto their site. Luckily, Google is smart enough to recognize plagiarized content and take the site down as soon as it is confirmed it contains copied text. Therefore, if you want your site to rank higher on Google, you should never plagiarize content, because that will only get the site taken down completely. Rather focus on creating original, unique text that will benefit your business and the site visitors as well!

GMB Offers in Organic Search Results

As you may have already known, Google is constantly making changes for the sake of improving their search results. This is a real nightmare for those trying to keep their sites ranked high on Google’s pages, especially the ones who don’t have the right knowledge and expertise when it comes to search engine optimization.

Here’s what you need to know about one of Google’s recent updates! This update introduced changes in how Google My Business or GMB operates. From now on, Google allows businesses to post offers on GMB and thus place them into organic search results.

If you’re not using GMB for your business, you definitely should because Google My Business can help your company reach a wider audience and gain more customers and profits. Through GMB, you can share your business’ location and working hours, as well as other information and related photo and video content.

Your customers can share their experiences regarding your business, allowing new viewers to get an insight on what it feels like to be involved with your company. Therefore, GMB will not only provide quick feedback to those interested in your business but it will also help you rank higher in local search results.


Why do GMB Offers in Organic Search Results Matter?

With the recent feature in Google My Business that allows people to post GMB offers in organic search results, Google has made it a lot easier for businesses to gain organic traffic. Anyone who has a verified GMB profile can benefit from this new feature.

Your offer in Google My Business can include a post title, an image along with 300 words of text, link to the offer, the basic information such as the start and the end date, as well as an optional coupon code.

Thanks to GMB offers in organic search results, businesses can now obtain more leads than ever through organic search feeds. This is far more valuable for your business than any other type of paid traffic, as the people who visit your site through GMB are sincerely interested in your business.

There is no doubt that this Google’s update and the new Google My Business feature have made GMB a lot more valuable. To get the best out of the new feature, make sure to post high quality content regularly, as well as to update your offers more often. If you need help regarding any Google My Business matters or anything else that will help your site rank higher on Google’s search pages, look for professional search engine optimization services. With professional help, you can generate far more leads using Google My Business and other SEO strategies as well!

Best SEO Tips for 2018

If you’re looking for ways to get your site ranked on the first page of Google, you’ve come to the right place! We have put together the best SEO tips for 2018 in order to help businesses gain organic traffic by reaching the top of SERP. Ranking on Google search is more difficult than you think because Google is constantly working on new updates that make the ranking system more and more complicated. In order to place your site as high as possible in a search engine, you need to focus on the basics, that is, the core SEO facts we will look into below!


What are the best SEO tips for 2018?

One of the best pieces of advice when it comes to SEO is to stick to the core. Even though Google constantly changes its algorithm, the basics of search engine optimization remain the same. These basics include your site’s content and all on page elements such as the title, alt tags, meta tags and internal links. If you have don’t have any experience with SEO, we recommend you to opt-in for professional search engine optimization services because in order to make the best out of the SEO basics one must thoroughly understand them.


On the other hand, if you are experienced in the field of SEO, you probably know what a high impact on page elements have on site’s ranking. However, besides elements such as content, title and tags, you must focus on other crucial aspects for ranking higher, which include the mobile-friendly approach and loading speed. It is important to increase the loading speed of your site and make it mobile-friendly in order to improve the user experience. The better the user experience is, the higher your site is going to rank on Google.


Google’s algorithm, known as the RankBrain, is the one responsible for choosing which sites rank higher than others based on the measurements of users’ behaviour on your site. If many users engage with your site on a regular basis, the RankBrain is going to perceive your site as valuable and thus will rank it higher on Google. However, this system works both ways, so if many users exit your site quickly after visiting it, the RankBrain will think your site doesn’t provide value so it will rank it lower.


In order to provide Google’s RankBrain with positive information that will get your site’s ranking boosted, you should stick to the above-mentioned basics of SEO. Make sure your titles are well optimized by including a relevant keyword, which should be repeated several times throughout the body of the text. Your goal as an SEO analyst should be to make as many users as possible actively engage with your site. Make sure to focus on consistent engagement so you don’t lose the ranking on Google. The same way your site climbs to the top of the search page, it can quickly drop back down. Therefore, you must consistently track your search engine optimization!

Why Responsive Design Matters

When it comes to building a high-quality website, the one thing you should focus on the most is a responsive design. There are tons of reasons why responsive design matters, but we will get into that in a second! First, let’s discuss what responsive design means.

Website responsiveness refers to the way a site responds to different devices and changes in the display size. For example, a website with a very responsive design will have all its images, content and overall structure aligned properly, whether it is accessed through a PC desktop, tablet or smartphone.

Besides having a good response to the change of the display site, a responsive site also functions smoothly, without bugs and delays, making the user experience excellent. Since smartphones and tablets are becoming more frequently used than PCs, it is likely that your site will be more frequently accessed through one of these mobile devices rather than a computer.

Therefore, it is important to create a responsive website design, in order to improve the user experience on the site and reduce bounce rate (the number of people who leave your site shortly after visiting it due to irresponsiveness.) The responsive website design is gaining more and more importance so if you haven’t already optimized your site, you should get to it right now!


Reasons Why Responsive Design Matters

#1 Improved SEO ranking

Responsive website design has a great impact on search engine optimization, thus helping your site rank higher on Google search engine. It’s not only Google, any search engine will give a boost in ranking to a site that features a responsive design and has a good mobile-friendly approach.

#2 Increased Conversion Rate

Increasing the number of conversions is one of the main goals of many businesses, as it brings increased profits. A responsive website improves the user experience on the site, meaning the users will be more likely to engage with your business if you have a high quality and responsive web page. This type of responsiveness even gives your business credibility, which is a huge plus.

#3 Reduced Bounce Rate

Improving your site’s responsiveness will reduce the number of people who leave the site shortly after visiting it. This means increasing user retention and improving your chances of generating new leads and clients. With a more responsive design, the page loading time will be much faster, bringing you benefits both in terms of better user experience and better search engine ranking.


If you didn’t know why responsive design matters, we hope you are more familiar with the topic now! Keep in mind that improving your site’s design can only bring you benefits, with zero disadvantages! For best site improvement, look for professional SEO consultants and developers to help you out!

Tips to Build Backlinks on my Website

When I searched Google for “tips to build backlinks on my website”, I was surprised to find that the results weren’t very straightforward and to the point. So I thought about some of the ways one can build quality backlinks and figured I should put together a collection of tips myself! If you aren’t familiar with the basics of SEO, you should know that in order to have good search optimization on your site, you need to have the right combination of good on-page factors and high-quality backlinks.

As much as on-page factors such as titles, tags and descriptions are important, your SEO won’t be as effective if you don’t have good quality backlinks. So, to help you build backlinks of your site, we’ve put together the following link building methods to help you take advantage of certain link sources.


#1 Look for Paid Bloggers

Paying a blogger to give quality links to your site is a great way to improve your SEO.  However, if you decide to look for paid bloggers, make sure to check whether their sites are popular and whether they have the authority needed to create quality backlinks. Also, be aware of spammers and where all the links are coming from since many people try to scam others for money by tricking them into purchasing fake SEO services.


#2 Bookmarking

Bookmarking is another effective method of building backlinks to your site and increasing the effectiveness of your search engine optimization. This method consists of gaining high-quality backlinks through bookmarking sites and platforms, such as Reddit or Pinterest.


#3 Backlinks coming from articles

Submitting your articles to other blog posts and platforms is a great way to link back to your site. However, to make this method effective, you need to submit your content to sites and domains related to your niche. The content you submit should contain a reference link to your site, which will increase your SEO effectiveness. This method will also help drive traffic to your site from other platforms you submitted content to.


#4 Backlinks from directories

Even though it’s not easy to find directories related to your site’s niche or your industry, it is highly beneficial for your SEO if you manage to come across them. Once you find the right directory, submit links in order to improve your search engine optimization. Even though it may take a while for directories to link back to your site, it is still very beneficial in the long run.



Google uses backlinks as the main ranking signal, meaning you need high-quality links in order to improve your search engine ranking. As much as the above-mentioned methods will help you improve SEO, keep in mind it is always better to stick to natural links, rather than paid ones. For best results, seek for help from professional SEO consultants!

Fix Search Visibility Drop on Google’s SERP

There’s nothing worse than seeing your site lose a high ranking after putting so much effort into getting it to rank high on Google search. Unfortunately, it is quite common for sites to drop down when it comes to Google ranking. This could be happening for many reasons, especially around the time when Google introduces an updated version of its algorithm. If you aren’t keeping up with your search engine optimization strategies, it is likely for your site to drop after a certain period of time. SEO requires consistency, as it is not enough to simply rank your site on the first page once. You must contribute to this ranking on a daily basis. However, there is no need to worry if your site suddenly loses its ranking, since there are ways to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP.


How to fix search visibility drop on Google’s SERP?


The three most common reasons why your site might have dropped include a tremendous increase in the bounce rate, backlink drops and your competitors gaining higher quality links. Let’s go over these ones by one to ensure you understand what to focus on in order to get your site back up there!


#1 Increase in the bounce rate


You are probably familiar with the term bounce rate but in case you need a reminder, bounce rate is the number of people who visit your site and leave it soon after. That tells Google your site is not very valuable, which is why your ranking might drop. The bounce rate is actually one of the main factors upon which Google bases its rankings. Therefore, in order to get your site back on top of the page and gain the required visibility, you need to reduce the bounce rate and keep it as low as possible. To do so, make sure to engage your visitors and make them stay on the site longer.


#2 Backlink drops


Your ranking also largely depends on the quality of internal links you have on the site. Backlinking refers to connecting your content with external authority domains and sources. The more powerful your internal links are, the more valuable your site will seem to Google. However, even if you have good backlinks on your site, it is possible for some of those links to lose value over time. If any of your internal links lose authority, your site may lose its ranking due to backlink drops. To prevent this, make sure to regularly update your site by including new and high authority links.

#3 Competitor Backlinks


Last but not least, don’t forget that search engine optimization is a form of competition. You are competing against other companies in your niche in order to get a higher ranking. If your site loses ranking even though it has high quality internal links and a low bounce rate, the reason are most probably your competitors who have gained a boost in ranking because of higher authority links. In this case, you should analyze what kind of content your competitors are putting out in order to see why their ranking is boosted. Keep working on your SEO consistently and your site will climb back up to the first position! However, make sure to understand this won’t happen overnight, as it takes a lot of effort to get a site to return to its previous ranking!