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A Guide on Efficient Corporate Branding in Cyprus

A corporate identity is an important aspect of all businesses. It is the cornerstone of all visual communications and companies spend a fortune on it. Think about a company like Twitter, and the way you can recognize it by just looking at its logo. Think of all the other companies that you identify when you look at their logos. Examples of these are corporate titans like Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Adobe. This article will explain briefly the steps you need to follow in corporate branding in Cyprus.


While this step may seem obvious, it is the cornerstone of any corporate branding strategy. This research will help you know the best colors to chose for your company, the best themes, the optimal fonts, and the best icons to use. It will also help you study and analyze the competition, which will help you do something better. With the internet, the process of doing this research is significantly easy. As you do this, you should focus on the various corporate branding things such as:

Website Design

A website is probably the most important things as you build your brand. It is so important because it is the first thing that people see when they interact with your company. If the website design is not good, then there are chances that your corporate branding in Cyprus will be off to a bad start.

Business Cards

A business card is very important, especially as you use networking to grow and improve your business. As you grow your network, you will need to hand out the cards to people you meet in events and conferences. Therefore, you need to have a good business card that is designed well.

Logo Design

As mentioned above, we often recognize many companies because of their logos. A good logo design will help improve your corporate branding in Cyprus. Ideally, the logo should be simple, easy to remember, have simple icons, and be in two-dimension. It should appear well even when it is printed using a black and white surface.


As you grow your business, you will need to share what you do with people in the physical world. As a result, when this happens, a brochure can come in handy. It will be an essential part in corporate branding in Cyprus.

Get a Qualified Corporate Branding In Cyprus

While you can do all these things by yourself, it is recommended that you use the services of a good branding team in Cyprus. First, the team has the experience and expertise of creating quality designs. Second, the team will save you a lot of money. Third, using the team will help you increase your focus o the business. Finally, having a team will keep you up to date on the changing landscape of corporate branding.

At SoftwareCy, we have been in corporate branding for almost five years. Our team of experienced designers have a combined experience of more than 50 years. We have worked with the biggest companies in Cyprus to help them boost their brand. Today, most of our customers have seen increased sales and visibility because of the work we have done. Use this link to get a quote.