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6 Reasons Your Website is Not Boosting Your Business

Reasons Your Website is Not Boosting Your Business: You launched your website with optimism. You hired a website design company to create a high-quality platform. You happily paid Google and Facebook to promote your platform. Sadly, after spending thousands of euros, you realized that the website was not adding value to your business. At SoftwareCY, we constantly receive such messages from disappointed entrepreneurs. This article will explain the 5 reasons why your website is not giving you any leads.

Reason #1: Customers are Not Finding You

You can have the best-of-class product or service. On top of that, you can have the best-designed website. However, if the audience cannot find it, it will be worthless. Sadly, that is the problem many companies face. The reality is, if your website does not appear on the first page of Google, it will be difficult for the customers to find you. When was the last time you went to the next page of Google results. To help you with this, you need to get a holistic website designer, who also specializes on SEO services.

Reason #2: You Don’t Know Your Audience

Your website could have a lot of the wrong traffic. This means that it could have a lot of visitors, who won’t buy anything from you. For example, you can have a Cyprus-based furniture store website that attracts millions of visitors from United States. The reality is that these visitors will not end up buying the furniture. To solve this, you need to:

  • Narrow your keywords to your geographical location.
  • Conduct regular surveys with the visitors of the website.
  • Keep on improving.

Reason #3: Your website is Not Mobile Friendly

With most of website traffic coming from mobile devices, it is very important to ensure that its content is optimized for these devices. This is because visitors don’t like ‘pinching and zooming’. Instead, they want to visit a website that is optimized well for all the devices that they use. A good way to start is to find whether the site is optimized for mobile devices by using the Google mobile test. If it is not, you need to get a good website designer to rebuild it for you.

Reason #4: Your Website is Constantly Down

There is a possibility that your website is usually down most of the time. This happens when you use a low quality website host. To solve this situation, you need to migrate the website from the current web host to one that is of a high quality. Talking to an experienced developer will help you find the best website host services.

Reason #5: User Experience is Bad

Another reason is that the user experience of your website could be bad. This means that the appearance of your logo, themes, and other materials is not up to date. To solve this, you need to have a good graphic designer, redesign the products. In addition, it could be that the website has the following problems:

  • Broken links.
  • Slow loading time.
  • Multiple redirects.

Reason #6: No Lead Capturing

You might have a good website, which has good traffic but if you don’t capture these clients, conversion could be a challenge. An easy way to solve this is to request the visitors to follow you on social media. Another way is to have a pop-up to request their email address.

If your website is not generating the expected income, talking to an experienced website development company will be a good starting point. SoftwareCY, is one of the best design and SEO company in Cyprus. We have developed hundreds of websites for companies in various sectors from around the world.