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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you look in on any website, what you see up front is only part of the story. Behind the scenes, a wealth of technical knowhow works to ensure the website gets seen.

Without this Search Engine Optimization, websites rank poorly in search engines and are frequently overlooked.

Your website deserves pride of place in search engine rankings, and with the help of our professional expertise you can be sure your customers will find you easily online.

When potential buyers search for what you offer, our carefully configured SEO goes to work right away. Whatever your business, we can optimize your website to respond effectively to online searches so your website leapfrogs over the competition and occupies the prime slot in search engine rankings.

If you type “SEO Cyprus” into Google ... you’ll find us ranking up top.

We’ll use exactly the skills and expertise we’ve used ourselves to become the Number One Website Design & SEO agency in Cyprus.

If you type SEO Cyprus into Google ... you’ll find us ranking up top.

Your business is no different to our own — there are people looking for what you offer, and there are tried and tested ways to guarantee they’ll find you. That’s great news for your business because more traffic and exposure means more enquiries and more customers.

We’re SEO specialists, and we’re here to make sure your website plays a leading role in your ongoing success. We’ll help you stay on top of your competitors with a tailored SEO package so you can get your message out there to the people you need. As certified Google partners, we have our finger on the pulse of the latest online marketing trends, and all this expert knowledge ultimately flows to you and your business.

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    SoftwareCy is the premier website design Cyprus agency & specialises in web hosting, domain registration, SEO, penetration testing & mobile applications.

Website Design

Your website is your most important marketing tool. It shows buyers how you can help solve their problems and makes it easy for them to follow through with enquiries.

Whether you seek a simple, compact website to deliver your message or something larger and more comprehensive to showcase your story then come and talk to us.

Designing effective and professional websites is what we do, and we’ll help you find the perfect match for your requirements.

We can handle any kind of website, large or small. Just tell us what you want and who you’d like to reach, and we’ll build an effective website to deliver your marketing solution.

Every website we build is custom made using cutting edge technology. Fully optimised for speed and visual appeal, our websites work as hard as you do to take your business forward.

Here’s what to expect ...

  • Responsive Design. Your website is mobile friendly and displays quickly and neatly on any screen, PC to cellphone.
  • Targeted SEO. Your audience will have no trouble finding you on Google.
  • Intuitive Feel. Your website will look truly professional and be easy to navigate.
  • Total Website Management. Updating and managing your content is simplicity itself.

If you’d like to discover more about how we can boost your online presence and help you to attract more business, just call.

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How Much Would 65 new clients per month be worth to you?

All businesses demand growth in order to thrive. Your website is the surest way to attract new customers and beat off competitors. With our help, your website will be easy to find, easy for customers to use, and easy for you to maintain. We have the design skills to deliver great looking websites and the technical knowhow to boost your search engine rankings.

When it comes to generating new business, here’s how the search figures work ...

  • 1000 searches per week means 4300 hits per month.
  • 41% of all searches pick top ranking Position #1 = 1763 visitors.
  • 15% of these searches result in enquiries = 265 enquiries per month
  • 25% of enquiries turn into new business = 66 new clients per month.

This means 2 new potential clients per day.

Our websites are designed to get you seen and heard so your business can go from strength to strength. We’ll boost your search engine ranking and show your customers everything you have to offer.

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